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Artist: Devin the Dude
Album:  Landing Gear
Song:   Me, You
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[Chorus 2x's]
Me, you
We oughta see what we can do
[Verse 1]
S'cuse me, I ain't tryin' to be 
All up on you
But, damn you so fine to me!
Would offer you a drank
I see you already got two
Let me know when you finished those, I got you!
I'll be coolin' in the corner, smokin' marijuana
With some partners of mine
Hey! And if you got the time
Maybe we can meet back at the show
I know a few places that we can go
We can just cool out, chill, relax
Food, wine, beer, and a sack
Of weed that I got from Amsterdam
Yup, overseas - come, go with me!
When it's time to slide
You oughta step inside my ride
You know when the club might end
Let's get away from your nosy-ass friends
It'll just be…
[Chorus 2x's]
Me, you
We oughta see what we can do
[Verse 2]
You say that you plan to get tipsy, so your homegirl's
You been drinkin' just as much as I've been!
We at the same level, you can speak your mind and
Clear your thoughts, let out the freak sometimes!
I've met a lot of bitches, quite a few hoes
Ran across women and I like those
And I can tell, the way that you's a real woman
And the +Noodles+ that you cook are not +Roman+
But more like egg fettuccini
You never have to beg for a penny
And I just wanna know ya, I wanna try to show ya
Maybe I could mow yo' yard
And I cut well 
And my motor is self-propelled
Don't worry about nothin', I won't tell!
You know, no tools
And it'll just be…
[Chorus 2x's]
Me, you
We oughta see what we can do
[Verse 3]
I see the club 'bout to close
Lights turnin' on, people bustin' out the do's
And I ain't finna' run after no hoes
My mind's made up, have you made up yo's?
You the woman I chose
I respect your mind
I ain't just tryin' to dick and dine
I'm tryin' a good time
You've been deservin' it
Chill at my crib, have a drank, smoke erb a bit
Go tell your girl you gon' be alright
'Cause you gonna be chillin' with me tonight (Ha-ha!)
That's just a friendly invite
Curious about me, I'll give you more insight
A little later
A whole bunch of shit up in the 'frigerator! (Ha-ha!)
Awwww, shit!
[Chorus 4x's]
Me, youWe oughta see what we can do