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Artist: Devin the Dude
Album:  Landing Gear
Song:   Let Me Know It's Real
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I want something that I can get into
Gimme something I can touch and feel
I need something to let me know it's real
I want something that I can get into
Gimme something I can touch and feel
I need something to let me know it's real

[Verse 1]
We've been knowing each other for quite a while yet we just start dating
You know I wanna slide inside but you got me waiting
So I'm skating to the side, no longer can I provide
For someone who try to hide what's between them thighs
And right now I know you're horny and I'm lonely myself
Don't cheat me treat me, beating my meat ain't that good for my health
So no choice left but to leave and try to fuck a freak
That'll suck a meat, don't wanna kiss and still brush her teeth
I got respect but my dick get out of
Pocket, see a fine bitch, fuck her, yep I got her
Cause I must get mine you try to get yours
And I see thru them counterfeit whores that
Certain niggas choose now they wish they wouldn't had
Cause they abuse a nigga, use a nigga, do a nigga bad
And they gone, like a target thru the cone
And I don't like being alone, I want


[Verse 2]
Now understand I'm just a man, no higher, I have desires
If I say I didn't want no pussy I would be a liar
But that's not it, for me pussy's easy to get
Butů I would bet yours is the perfect fit
I know it's soft and wet
Warm and wide, wantin this bone inside
Cause you have needs too
We can satisfy each other, just me and you
And I wouldn't have to linger putting my finger up in some other cat
Feelin secure, knowin exactly where my lover at
When I come back it's in the bedroom purrin
Find the both, put my spoon in and start stirrin
And fill you up from the bottom to the top and
Ain't no stoppin after panties droppin
Your mind is on shopping, mine is on fucking
Cause nothing from nothing leaves nothing, and

[Verse 3]
And I've been very patient, been waiting and conversating
But all this hesitation kinda got me contemplating
Wanna aks you how come you refuse to give it to me
For these last three albums I've been tryin to get the pussy
I'm not tryin to run game, trick you or double dare ya
If I take off my draws don't let these big nuts scare ya
I've been thinking I can make ya ooh and moan
Let me know if you do or you don't, cause I want