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Artist: Devin the Dude
Album:  Landing Gear
Song:   El Grande Nalgas
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Tu esta muy bonita

[Verse 1]
Hey baby, you sho look mighty fine when you walk my way
Say lady, I sho wish there was somethin I could say
That booty, I truly wish that I could speak your language
Cause I really don't know how to explain it

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Oooh, bonita, tu tienes el grande nalgas

[Verse 2]
So mannish, the thoughts that goes & stops inside my head
My spanish, it's so bad I don't know what the fuck I said
Excuse me, senorita I'm just tryna find the words
To let you know I like the way your booty curves




[Verse 3]
So authentic, the way you move those hips when the music plays
All off in it, I'll groove if I could be with you today
"No comprende," is all I get when I ask you to dance
I really wanna feel what's in them pants, girl

[Chorus] repeat w/ ad-libbing until the end