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Artist: Devilman
Album:  Wunsen
Song:   Out On the Road
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I'm like a banging migraine but worse
Black magic or voodoo curse
When I spit my verse
Live my life in reverse
I was born last and I died first
And it still gets worse
Get ready for the outburst
Everything I do is so diverse
Gonna need more than a doctor
Gonna need more than a nurse
You're gonna need more than a miracle
Gonna need help from forces that are way more than spiritual
Not stereotypical
But you might get left critical
Ever so pitiful
I'm horrible, dreadful, very despicable
But at the same time, my love for grime is unconditional

I've got the game in my hand like a pile of cash
I've got a unique style and flash
I only deal with a certain style of gash
You've got money but you still look like you belong in a pile of trash
I've got a violent past and I spit fire like a firearm with a silent blast
Look, stop running your mouth with all that trap
'Cause I was big in the game before that prat
Anybody call my name, I'll call that back
I don't give a fuck about the fame
And I don't care about the name
Take MCs out the game
Anytime I touch the mic, things won't ever be the same

Yo, blud! I'm a lyrical Master Blaster
Mental, disaster
I'm like an RS 7 but a little bit faster
Two blinks and I've already pased you (you know what I mean, yeah)
Not into no pagan Hollywood actor
Fuck all the government leaders, fuck all the dead presidents
but that's another factor
Mean, vicious, like velociraptor
Blowing up like nuclear reactor
I'm big like one of them muscle adverts
when they show you a picture of how you look before and after
Show respect to your master
Or you might end up in some cement and plaster

And it's the D.E.Velopment, yeah
And this one is fucking emotional, I do say
Shout-out to the Westy on this one, yeah
Out to all my people
It's the Wunsen EP, yeah
Get to know this