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Artist: De La Soul f/ Teenage Fanclub
Album:  Judgment Night soundtrack
Song:   Fallin
   Travellinnnnnnnnnnnnnn' at the speeeeeeeed...of thought...
   Verse 1
   Hey, yo kids! (What's up!)
   Remember when I used to be dope? (Yeah...)
   I owned a pocketful of fame...
   (But look what you're doin' now!)
   I know, well I know
   I lost touch with reality, now my personality
   Is an unwanted commodity (believe it!)
   Can't believe I used to be Mr Steve Austin on the mic
   Six million ways I used to run it
   I guess Oscar Goldman got mad
   Cos I got loose circuits (so loose, sigga-sigga so loose...)
   I be the Mother Goose with the eggs
   That seem to be...
   You played yourself x4
   Verse 2
   A-yo, pack my bags cos I'm outta here
   Mama don't love me and my mama don't care
   Read the papers the headlines say
   "Washed up Rapper Got Some [Buck-kawk!]"
   Lingo's busted while the guitar sways
   B-side copy for the radio plays for somethin'
   I knew I blew the whole fandango
   When the drum programmer wore a Kangol
   Never could be light, great fish won't bite
   Fake, realise that I'm over like clover
   No good luckin' so Mase beep the f(Hey!)ckin' beat
   While the Teenage fan the heat
   I bring it to the glues, paid all my dues
   So what's gone's dead, let me use my forehead
   Easy, pack it up, man, let me stop stallin'
   Cos everything I do is like Fallin'
   Repeat chorus (many times)