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Artist: De La Soul f/ David Byrne
Album:  and the Anonymous Nobody...
Song:   Snoopies
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[David Byrne]
In a hundred years from now
We will not recognize this place
The dollar store is filled with love
The parking lot is full of grace
Now, judges put their snoopies on
With glorious and true restraint
"A child is gonna rule them all,"
said the prophets of the human race

[Chorus: David Byrne]
(Hey you!) Can you picture yourself
(Hey you!) in the physical sense
(Hey you!) A subcutaneous thing
(Hey you!) Like your mother and father


Pan Am trips, circa 76, the Ritz
Poppa hit the belt, to pick up at JFK
I judge nothin, I let her know, AFK
I'm off the front porch and the front screen
Two shocks on my back, the wise look mean
They told me slow down, baby, but I'm a lummox
The 8 Ball said, "Dave, you in the wrong lot"
Move like sloth, cut cloth with new scissors (Yep!)
You're thinkin too big, I call Nell Carter
Somebody gimme a break, cut ya toe up
You put both hands up, I put four up
Can't teach a fast dog how to stand still
Mano e mano it's the hand to hand still
Somebody gimme a break, the clutch went out!
Tags slap hands, I'm about to man out
Can't teach 'em at the morgue how to stand still
See y'all tomorrow for the man to man
{*Maseo cuts and scratches the last line*}

[David Byrne]
Now that was all so long ago
See the babies, they are runnin wild
If you get too close, they run away
So tonight we better stay inside
So whenever things don't go my way
I simply put my snoopies on
I'll share them with you, I don't mind
Let me be your microphone

[Chorus: David Byrne]
(Hey you!) Can you picture yourself
(Hey you!) in the physical sense
(Hey you!) A subcutaneous thing
(Hey you!) Like your momma and poppa

[Bridge: David Byrne]
Will I ever get tired of this?
Will I ever get turned around?
Will I ever get over you?
Gimme a break now, the clutch went out!
Will I ever go back again?
Will I ever get used to me?
Will I ever be smart enough?
How do I know if I'm totally clean?

It's the elastic youth, comin to size up your plastic troop
Keep a pot of caution, boil it in the hot
I +Wonder Why+, so why not
Move like a used car and you get used up wherever you are
So they say, me and my crew get it new all day
Couple of shots of calamity
But don't mess with the gram to be sniffed
Too messy for the ego, when you come crashin
There ain't no airbag to dash in and catch ya
She goes down, and I look down
She looks up, I don't know what to say
"Yo, do that shit! Yo, do that shit!"
But she already done done it anyway
But yo, do understand I'm the man
Lies another line set of value, open a shape
So when I'm speedin too fast, it'll mash the BRAKE~! {*SCREECH*}