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Artist: De La Soul f/ Usher
Album:  and the Anonymous Nobody...
Song:   Greyhounds
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Fresh from a Bible Belt town
That's what she's givin up
Not really livin, just flesh comin off a Greyhound
That's what HE think of her
Right at a blink of a eye, he provides her with charm
Hides that he is a shark
Suggests a few apartments, never hints to the home
That's what he wanna do
She just wanna new zip code for an old dream
Lost in an appetite 
Now the Big Apple might find her habit of a queen
Filled her an ego that's filled with illegal maps
Road destination unknown, she's Little Bo Peep
And her and her whole sheep gonna have their wool unsewn
Now the wolf give a push
Now watch her jump in with two feet
Blue heat don't know how to swim through the limbs
Everyone huggin her, tuggin her
Ride on the merry-go-round of four drinks and two white lines
Go fast with the fast life so she needs more
One fun fix, now a daily chore
Provide the score, written and produced so perverse
He's a pro well versed
Told her that the purse that she want
with the shoes that she love and the rent that she need paid
She can earn with speed in a day
Escort on the high class side
Champagne glass rides white snow waterfalls
Oh how time flies when you're flyin 
Crash and burn, she learned that her soul was dyin
That's worth savin, she's cravin that Bible Belt town
So she crawls back on the Greyhound

[Chorus: Usher]
Next stop: NYC 
Take your seats please
I know exactly where you're goin 
I can see it on your face
I know how to get there
And I give you my word that I'll get you there safe
I don't need to check your baggage
I don't need to know your name
All I need to know is
By the time you arrive, you'll forever be changed

Fresh new Gucci belt, bound
Fast to the city scape, dash to deliver fate
Stashed in this duffel bag, proud
It's no scaredy cat
Life's always spared him that hand that the gamblers fold
No chips if the scramble got cold
But them warm cushions and them soft bus seats
Push that second thought along
Beneath the roof of a Super 8, he sleeps 'til it's night time
Then connects in the streets like a pipe line
In dark shades he supplies dark brigades
Of lost souls with his chemical morsels
He's no lab tech
He was born into a legacy stretched from Aztecs and beyond
Assets he was drawn to
Had him spinnin the wool over his mother's eye
He's the black sheep
His pops career driven, he's the backseat
The man on the wheel that cruises on sunrise
that the man bought eyes to his pay-per-view
Kind of paper make a fool shoot his staple through
And tape a label to, until he's can bait
Until a pancake pocket's change the landscape
We'll take a short visit home in the town
It's time to re-up, it's back on the Greyhound


By the time you arrive, you'll forever be changed
By the time you arrive, you'll forever be changed
(Forever be changed, forever be changed)
Forever be chaaaanged...
Just watch where you're goin
On this road, you're chosen
I don't need to check your baggage
You'll pick it up along the way
All I need to know is
By the time you arrive, you'll forever be chaaaanged
Changed, ohh ohh...
Forever be changed, be changed
You'll forever be changed