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Artist: De La Soul f/ DJ Rhettmatic
Album:  Impossible Mission TV Series Pt. 1
Song:   Impossible Intro
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[DJ Rhettmatic cuts these samples]
"Ladies and gentlemen
 Boys and girls!!"
"Time to lay down some... serious sound"
"At this time we proudly present"
"De La" and "Rhettmatic"
"One of L.I.'s finest"
"Thank you, thank you"
"The permanent tat, in this rap shit"
"No doubt" - "forever"
"De La is the greatest" {*laughing*}
"It's that laughing again - who's there?"
"Know the name, De La Soul" "Very good indeed"
"Plug Three" "I'm here with Plug Two" "Very good indeed"
"Long Isle's on the map" "Very good indeed"
"Nothing's gonna stop us now"
"Did you just say what I think you said?"
"Yeah I said it motherfucker!"
"Gather 'round for the big finale" "Oh lovely"
"What are we waiting for?" "Are y'all ready out there?"
"Mission" "Impossible" "Mission" "Impossible"
"Impossible, it must have been a bad needle"