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Artist: De La Soul
Album:  De La Soul is Dead
Song:   Johnny's Dead AKA Vincent Mason (Live From the BK Lounge)

   This one is a short rendition in which me and pianist mate of mine
   by the name of Prince Paul... I shall not relieve, I mean reveal, my
   (Girl in background: That's not funny.)
   So, I think we shall begin like this. Are you ready, Prince Paul?
   You're fuckin' us up, man!
   PAUL: My playin's good, man!
   DOVE: Fuckin' us up, man! As we begin again... rude interruption from
   our audience...
   (Background laughter)
   Here we go.
   Oh Johnny
   You got a bullet in your forehead, boy
   Don't you understand, you dead
   Buried six feet under the concrete
   That's the noise he made when he got shot
   But Johnny's still dead
   Still dead
   Thought about his mama
   Thought about his father Josephine
   Nobody could help the boy when he hit the concrete
   The last words said by Johnny
   But now he's six feet under and he's dead
   Our next song we'll play is called Jenifa, we'll be back in a minute.