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Artist: First Serve (De La Soul)
Album:  De La Soul's Plug1 & Plug2 Present... First Serve
Song:   Pushin' Aside, Pushin' Along
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How I'ma get to be the King of New York, when the Queen in the crib 
be killin my knights and the horse it rode in on? (word) 
She swear the Fresh Prince gon' fail
+Parents Just Don't Understand+, I'm just tryin to get my kid on
Posin in the mirror, designer stone chisel into DMC
A pedigree M, a better me than them
Shit, I'm chasin this bus 
and once we get on, P, it's all about is!

[Pop]: Yeah, but you can be a lawyer
[Deen]: But I'm down by law
[Ma Witter]: Or a doctor, baby!

Sorry mom, I'm a microphone fiend
Addicted to the concept of rollin with a team
and rollin up sleeves in some boss' office?
That orbit's in the mind of another man
Switch that undergrad over to this other plan
but she snapped back at me like a rubber band
More concerned cause she swam in the gutter
(C'mon Ma~!) I just wanna cop her crib 
and pops, well I don't know him
His position on the bill is a veto
All I ask is that I be treated as an equal
Man, this lack of support seems illegal
C'mon, Mom!

Through the doubt and the stress, my eyes are glued to it
If it all goes wrong, I won't push it aside or push it along
And through the stress and the doubt, my eyes are glued to it
Like the words in this song, we just pushin aside or pushin along

Yep! Detention from the parent 
They just want the best (They want yo' ass out the nest) without fallin
Explainin to them this is my callin is like
wearin a pack that has the parachute that might, not open
and anyway, they shouldn't even be descending 
(in their minds) upwards with your wings extending
(Flight time) is the best way
but I'm listenin to what my heart and MY chest say
I want the rap game, my moms just wanna pray on it
Pops like, "Don't even spend another day on it!"
He keeps puttin me down, said I'm ridin 
with my hobby in the front seat (responsibilities in the trunk)
and really need to just switch it around
Unplug the dream, push it along
My talent in these streets is pusher of the song
Put smiles on the pretty girls' face (and)
strength in the dude's embrace, when he's givin me dap
You can see it in their eyes that this nigga can rap
But my father? Said I need a real blue collar
Can't support a family with a few dollars 
but the damage is done, your son's a fiend 
for microphone and break beats and drum machines 
with a large crowd yellin out "Pop and Deen!"
It's a swerve from the First Serve, makin 'em lean
(You know it!)

Through the stress and all the doubt, my eyes'll stay glued to 
Like the words in this song, just push it aside, and push it along
Through the doubt and stress, my eyes are glued
And if it all goes wrong, we just push it aside or push it along

They're like, "Mo' pain, problems, mo' stress"
I'm like "Mo' lanes, albums mo' blessed"
They're like, "Not cheerin it, not even hearin it"
when I'm talkin about I'm tryin to be a pioneer in it
They're like, "It's not the real job to fall on"
I'm like, "It's what my soul seems to call on"
I wanna hear 'em say, "Jay, we support you"
but still in all, I gotta do what I gotta do

Yeah, and I'ma ride with 'em, good and bad times
Let these dog eat doggy step right out, and play the chef
See this thing is like good hot love
I cater to the concept of push and no shove
Debated in the halls I used to slam doors shut
Miss Parental Advisory was keepin her eyes on me
But this little piggy's tryin to tour the world
with the blessings of his number one girl, I can do this mom!

Through the doubt and the stress, my eyes stay glued 
And if it all goes wrong, I'ma push it aside or push it along
And through the stress and all the doubt, aiyyo my eyes are so glued to it
And like the words in this song, we just pushin aside or pushin along

Okay, okay..
You sound focus baby (I am, mom) 
I'm gonna let you find your way
You go be your big rap star and make momma proud (Yea) gon' buy me a car though, right?
Sittin on aluminum

[Pop]:  Aluminum? Yo, she's bananas yo
[Deen]: That's my mom
[Pop]:  She's really bananas... It's "sittin' on chrome", Miss Witter
[Moms]: I heard that! Fuck you, Maurice!!
[Deen]: Oh shit!