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Artist: First Serve (De La Soul)
Album:  De La Soul's Plug1 & Plug2 Present... First Serve
Song:   Pop Life
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[Jacob 'Pop' Life]
I'm in the south of France with my man Lu
Just getting my mind right!

Yooooo, c'mere girl!
C'mere, c'mere!

[Lucien a/k/a Papalu]
Yo man, relax, man!
You can't talk to girls like that out here!

I mean shit, I mean, they girls, aren't they?

I know they're girls, but yo, they'll like to have the saviour faire

Yo yo, Lu! That girl right there, she looking at me, man
Yo, help me with her- yo I know she can't speak fuckin English
Help me out

Alright... Bonjour, Mademoiselle


Vous êtes trop mignonne

Tell her my name, man

Yeah yeah, hold on!


Yo what she's saying? What's she saying?

I got you, B, man hold on! I got you

Okay, alright

Trés trop jolie - c'est quoi ton prénom en fait?


Haha, magnifique!

Yo, what you saying to her?

T'as une ptte jupe la, je trouve trop chanmé!

Get the fuck out the way, man!

Eh, à quoi vous jouez la? (Wassup?)

Play moves, lay moves like Pokemon
Poke you with the soaky mon, drink you like tea
Keep you right what I wanna be with it
Until you call quit it, admit it, my ways is acidic
Burn through your defenses, the fences you put up
won't keep me out, I'm about to put the wood up
Understand ain't nothin underhanded
I'm tryin to get the upper hand, keep you undemanded
I mean un-demanding, coming in for a landing
In layman's terms, I'm here to earn your poetry
Words passed your lips to be grabbed by my ears
They hear how good I grant it, the tree's planted

Ooh~! J'aime beaucoup ta façon de parler
Ha! C'est tellement sexy, j'ADORE tes lévres!

Ha, check it
Pretty lady, watch the way I Deen it
Stand to my eyes, watch the way I seen it
Both havin dirty thoughts, won't have to clean it
Do a wild love song and play it like I mean it
We ain't exempt from the temp
The atmosphere's lit up like hemp - gasoline it
Al Green it with +Love & Happiness+
Burns so pure that skin is sure that need the Vasoline it

[K:] Ooh, I like the way you talk
[P:] Yeah, and you talkin English now!
[K:] Hehehe, what's your name again?
[P:] My name is Jacob
[K:] Jacob? Mmm, malk with me, Jacob
[P:] Yeah, of course I'll walk with you...

[P:] Yo, I'm about to get up and take a shower
[K:] Oh okay - ne traine pas trop! You want me to make you a drink?
[P:] Uh yeah, make me a margarita!
[K:] D'accord! {*phone rings*} *gasps* Oh merde! Allo?

Keisha, where you at?

[K:] Deen, I cannot do this right now
[P:] Yo, where's the towels at?
[D:] Yo, who's that over there?
[K:] I gotta go! Je dois y aller
[D:] Naw man, you been a-{*Keisha hangs up*}

[P:] Keisha
[P:] You handling some business? I heard you on the phone
[K:] Uh.. I wasn't on the phone, j'le mettais juste sur vibreur
[P:] Yo, whatever man - look, you take a shower first, you gon' take longer than me, man
     I gotta check my emals anyway
[K:] Oh okay, well if you need anything, let me know {*walks away*}
[P:] Yeah, I'll let you know {*phone vibrates*} Let you know I ain't stupid
     Look at this shit, it's vibrating, I'm gonna pick this shit up
[D:] Hello?
[P:] Hello??
[D:] Hello, who the fuck is this?!
[P:] Deen??
[D:] Jacob?? OHH SH-
[P:] Shit. What up, man?
[D:] {*dryly*} What up?
[P:] What you up to?
[D:] Nothin, what you into?
[P:] I guess we both know the answer to that!
     If I would've known, I would've left her alone
     But yo this snow cone, yo where you find her from?
     She didn't know we were peeps!
[D:] Oh, so we peeps now, huh?
[P:] Yeah man, I know man, it's awkward as shit
     I have to admit, I was buggin, I didn't mean all that stuff, Deen
     I said in that record, I was-
[D:] Yo Pop, you don't have to go into all of that
     Remember that line, B? We can't judge a book by the cover
[P:] Read every page cause the Deen's my brother
     Ah-haaah~! Yeah man! First Serve
[D:] First Serve
[P:} We back on it man
[D:] Word up
[P:] I missed those days, like...
[D:] Yeah, I missed them days too you know
[P:] I'm outta here man, where you at?
[D:] I'm back in the hood, man
[P:] Get a plane right now, get outta here man, we gotta get up
     What's up with Ken-Doo, you seen him?
[D:] Yeah B, he's chillin, man he's chillin
[P:] Word, we gotta get up man
[D:} You coming out here though, right?
[P:] I'm coming to you, I'm coming to where you at
[D:] Cool, aight, you know moms is gonna wanna see you, B
     She's probably gonna clean the basement out
[P:] We gonna do it like we used to, word
[D:] Yo, I been ready, I been ready man... {*fade*}

Jacob?? Jacob! Jacob? Uhh! J'y crois pas! Il a pris mon téléphone!