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Artist: First Serve (De La Soul) 
Album:  De La Soul's Plug1 & Plug2 Present... First Serve
Song:   Must B the Music
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[Intro: female radio DJ]
You're still on YMPG Radio, folks
Be prepared, First Serve, the song "Must B the Music"
It's already on heavy rotation, aww and it's funky!
It's disco! It's hip-hop! And it's CLASSIC!

(Do... Don't... Do... Don't...)

I do boom bap, don't do coon rap
Don't mind a little radio on my goon rap
(We do it for the love!) Yeah, the love of money
Use it to pay for food so don't go hungry
Do trips for Caribbean, do skiing
(Don't mind me!) Just do it so free
Want the good life? Don't delay
Why put off tomorrow what I could do today?

Aiyyo, been there done that murder, gun rap
Paid dues don't pay checks so run that
High hopes don't sleep don't do cheap seats
Up front, onstage, where the fun's at
Glistenin diamonds, see me shinin
Dudes do they best to scratch my grind in
There they like, "Who dunnit?" so yo who want it?
Don't believe the hype, you Simple Simon

(Must be the music!) Got me in a trance, makin me high
(Must be the music!) No escapin this, don't even try
(Must be the music!) Got me in a trance, makin me high
(Must be the music!) No escapin this, don't even try
It's them do's and don'ts, them do's and don'ts
It's them do's and don'ts, them do's and don'ts

Okay, do's: you love 'em, tell 'em, hug 'em
Make 'em high on life without havin to drug 'em
Don't dare ignore 'em, lie or bore 'em
Holla at they sister, mom or cousin
Do the dishes but don't break the china
Don't make faces especially not behind her
Don't get caught, make sure gifts are brought
like WAY before her birthday or get it the worst way
Wine, CHAMPAGNE, tickle her with bubbles
If she say do it, do that shit on the double!
Break up, make up, don't hold no grudges
Make sure you tell her if her make-up smudges
Compliment her hair, do fuckin more CHAMPAGNE 
You need to do it for the get-it girl campaign
Wife her, life her, exchange the I do's
Anniversary? Don't let her remind you!


I don't carry no firearms
I don't carry that security with guns-for-hire arms
What I will do is mind my own
If it ain't my concern, I leave it alone
(Unless) it's a fly girl then I do the right thing
Make it a night thing (and do the do!)
and if she don't refrain from the choo choo trains
We'll let it all hang and she do the crew 
(All ABOARD~!) 
I do a lotta things that don't make sense
What I don't do is ride the fence
Hence, the reason for the season of the haters
Who jump on stage and get bathed in tomatoes
Due to the mic that we use to clash in
Comparison to us, other emcees trash
Don't got the skills? Don't pursue it
It ain't nobody else's fault (SO DON'T DO IT! FREEZE!)
{*whispers*} ...When the music comes back, sing the chorus please


[Outro: Ken-Doo]
This single was gettin love everywhere
We's makin history, baby
And the way I was workin these dudes, it was CASH money
The one thing you do learn about managin a group?
Personalities clash and that success, it don't last forever 
Check this out...