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Artist: First Serve (De La Soul) 
Album:  De La Soul's Plug1 & Plug2 Present... First Serve
Song:   Move 'Em In, Move 'Em Out
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Who said the party's only up in the club?
Wherever we go, they just showing us love
Move 'em in, move 'em out, move 'em in, move 'em out
Move 'em in, move 'em out - let's go liiii-iii-iii-iii-iiiiiive
Who said the party's only up in the club?
Wherever we go, they just showing us love
Move 'em in, move 'em out, move 'em in, move 'em out
Move 'em in, move 'em out - let's go LIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Yo, I got +Water+ to +Tread+ 
to build it like a sea with legs
Clock radio sings, I'm out the bed
Pop living is deliberate
Not so much that I'm hot, but I'm NEVER shivering
And chivalry ain't dead
I ain't feeding them ho's believing that we're to be fed
Got game to shake (in my own image)
When I take the rest of the game I STILL scrimmage
Live on stage or alive in the booth
I get live on the living and exploit the youth 
Invasion of the American rap band
I walk around rap land under the influence of the truant
Meaning I'm absent from the old and new school rules
Played by me, there's NO rules!
True wit and grit and everything I do 
as I name tag POP under everything I drew
So vivid within them studios, I'm Michael Bivins 
and make +Another Bad Creation+ 
After that, I'm facing the mics in the radio stations
Saying it's about to sprout (First Serve, move OUT!)


Up stream like trout in lakes
Enjoying each night for a dollar a DAY~!
I'm fiending for the funk, see me sniffling the breaks
I got lost in the style, I gotta find my WAY~!
I gotta itch for this rap shit, ya feel me? (Yeaaah!!!)
So get the DJ Scratch out the intervention ("Do it!")
I'm in dimension, 2 by 16s' 
You all broke LP niggaz threw in the BAY~! 
A bit of head-bobbin', weave and all
Pit stop sipping son I'm with the fam!
Deen Whitter got narcotic baby
More bounce to the ounce to the kilo GRAM~!


[Pop] (Deen)
Yo, how First Serve gonna chill working?
Shit~! Biggie and Pac is still working! 
Acting like surgeons, split the crowd up
Got them fellas getting all riled-up
Girls all styled-up, now all sweaty
Hot after two shakes of the tabasco
Wanna hear self (But the monitor's quiet!)
Turn it up sound man, that ain't much to ask, yo!
Yo, where was I? Oh yeah, the ladies!
Throw your hands up so I can read your lifeline
(Peter picked peppers) but I'm picking this stepper right here
She wanna be the jump off in her lifetime

Chancy, ain't it? Fancy, ain't it?
Curtains +Drew+ rather +Nancy+, ain't it?
I got a gift like ribbons and boxes
Giving them bosses, remember Gibbons and Boxer?
Iron mic, see we're strictly cordless
Your plastique could not afford this
Just applaud this, mimic a walrus 
One tree falls, shit I'm right in the forest
I got a itch for this rap shit, you feel me? (Yeaaaah!!)
So get ya drum program out the intervention ("Do it!")
I'm in dimension, could be 2 by 12
You the 12" niggaz threw in the BAY~! 

[Pop & Deen]
Move! Move! Move! Move!
Keep moving 'em in, just move 'em out
Gotta move 'em in, gotta move 'em out
Move! Move! Move! Move!

[Deen & Pop]
We got a couple of cars, a couple of cribs
Got a couple of them girls, did a couple of vids
Hit a couple of lows with a couple of mids
And we still right here grinding on the grid
And ain't nothing to lose and nothing to fear
Nothing standing in front of us, not a thing in the rear 
and nothing gonna stop us, got nothing but time
FIRST SERVE on stage, never hard to find