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Artist:	Del the Funky Homosapien
Album: 	Radiohead: Rainydayz Remixes by Amp Live
song: 	Video Tapez
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[Chorus] 2x
When I'm at
The Pearly Gates
This'll be on
My videotape

[Verse 1 - Del]
Flashlights report the lies
Just like life flash before your eyes
Touch right
Through to the soul
Illusions exposed
Right here on a reel
In the theater of real occurence
Your in a box with the top popped open
Like the soldiers in a trojan
One direction
Can't go both ways
That's what the pope say
Every known play in your soundtrack
Is based around fact
How you get down and act
The end of the cinema
Into the darkness
The usher escort ya to ya fortune
Morphin' into the final solution
Might be gruesome
Depending on your contribution
Your vision gets clear and translucent
Witnessing your own video revolution


[Verse 2 - Del]
iPictures moving fast
Format more than I ask
The big time
Transmit the past
And it's a glance
Here on a reel in the theater of real appearance
I'm in a place where the space makes
Way for wars like Obi-Wan and Vader
Play for a private screening
I've been dreaming
That's what my mind thinks
All my hygiene's broadcasted
It's trapped with my issues
And whatever script i choose
Sound is magnified, amplified
Forcing the subject discovering a new adjustment
Something for my understanding
It might be expanding
Depending on the programming
I spot my ways of abandon
Witnessing my own parade on the planet