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Artist: Del the Funky Homosapien
Album:  Future Development
Song:   Stress the World
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Stress the world
Stress the world
Stress the world
Stress the world
Stress the world, stress the world....

I offer the maximum that you call for who better to get a crowd to go bloww!!!!
Del, champion of true I do what the others can't do
So when ya come to, recognize I despise weak
I'm at my peak I seek more then the boredom that you are accustomed to
The conoseur I love hip-hop more, then I did as a kid so I gotta get rid
Of those who pose, case closed
I'm dynamic with panic and that's exactly how I planned it


You better peep cuz the price steep for those who sleep
I pile my rhymes by the heap on cassettes, Lp's, cd's and 12 inches
Perform the shit and get the girl like pinches
With good intentions, the key word is redemption
For those who try to shit on my crown let's get down
Plastic ass rappers get smashed like crackers
First I shalack ya and hit ya with the lacquer
Then I go to marijuana class to study cultivation
So I can make the USA a better nation
Get smoked, mellow out, vibe fuck the stress
While I kill MC's that say "he's relentless."
Past you at last due to technological enhancements on my part the art advances
My rhymes are ravishing, ravaging the hip-hop surface
To get to the underground for pounds and purchase
Merciless, as soon as I insert the disc
into the SP to make the world stress me
Let's be upfront and real
What's up with this rap regurgitation that appeal to the masses?
I got pure plain funk hold the Mayo
Like the formulation of ice crystals make the suns halo a rainbow
Painful to MC's at large I barge and bulldoze them all when I charge
Personally responsible, behind all the hoopla
Haven't crossed the board, get the troubleshoota


Stress the world...( make the world stress me)
Stress the world...( make the world stress me)
Stress the world...( make the world stress me)
Let's be upfront and real

Mathematically correct, collect wreck on the daily
This ain't Prince project put out on plays the part
Deep dark funk to dunk your face in
Fully animated in a time when hip-hop's contaminated
Wit corny niggaz talkin jibberish they make me feverish
I merely pull this lever which enables me to unveil tails of Del in action
Smoked to fullest, project my voice like bullets
I deflect you sect. I check the scanner
Damn you're persistent, I stand wit my fist clenched
Tightly around the microphone like a septer
Wit rhymes average MC's can't see like a specter
The inspector with the nectar, sharp like a Black and Decker
I twist a nigga neck like chubby checker
Respect the Hieroglyphic insignia
you know it means murda wit lyrics unhearda
Stamina, stamina. And wit a new flow to boot
Don't try to execute my patter-ns
I took hella notes while battlin'
Dismantlin' opponents alone with my trusty verbs leavin' MC's disturbed
Everybody on my block know I rock
To MC's I'm hella cocky so I keep my rhymes cocked in position
And if you actually listen to what I'm sayin' you'll see you can't resist 'em
They're succulent and if you don't like them fuck you then
Anybody with taste see it's a delicacy
Not a mere orderve or haven't you heard
And it's totally take out about a million served like that
Absolutely a beauty to crush the shit that's booty
cuz I figures it's my duty


Let's be upfront and real, Let's be upfront and real...(make the world stress me)
(repeat and fade)