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Artist: Del the Funky Homosapien
Album:  Future Development
Song:   Games Begin
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Come on and let the games begin
Cause the games begin when you're coolin with your friends
And the friends to the end that don't pretend
So have fun, have fun, have fun while it lasts

[ VERSE 1 ]
It's time to max, relax, ask anybody
You got off work, you know your boss is a jerk
Whether you a clerk or a rapper like me
We all need to kick back and be carefree
See, no plead-bargainin, no haboring
Negative attitudes when you're out with your dudes
Damn, it feels good when the weekend comes
Done finished the homework, you're out with the bums
Clownin, you're all down in whatever goes
You throw on a tape and hear a nigga kick his flows
Cruise down the strip and pop at some hoes
Y'all still havin fun no matter what scenario you chose
Even on a solo with hoes, take off your clothes
But not without the condoms cause that's ( ? )
Those wake up the next day call your partners
Pitch in four or ten and start the festivities
No fuckin worries when you're livin free of stress
That's why we only smoke bomb, fuck sess
Y'all feel the best when y'all say let's act a fool 
Cause it's June and it's cool cause we out of school


[ VERSE 2 ]
Your friends are your friends like no matter what
Other fools get cut from your team
It seems like they dream of gettin next to you
But all they really do is pester you
Cause they marks, always wanna start funk when you with em
Cause when he got beef with a nigga he thinks y'all'll get him
Now he rollin with yo crew, but with no crew
He wouldn't be poppin doodoo
His ass would be through, but now he drug you into it
And yes, all your boys
And now you gotta kill the noise
He destroys the whole vibe by frontin
Tryin to be hard
But he just Napoleon Bonaparte
A little nigga tryin to take command
Thinkin he the man
But fuckin with him y'all'll all kick the can
I can't stand a fake
I kick it with my real niggas come spring break
That's the ones I look out for, never doubt your pals
Fuck them gals and don't ever let em separate you
Your friends ( ? ) when that bitch hates you
And I say


[ VERSE 3 ]
Now when you got business to attend
Take care of that and afterwards fuck with your friends
Don't put shit off till tomorrow
Do it right now 'fore you fuck with your pals
That's the down period, rest and relaxation
At the nigga Plus' house, let's go to Nations
And get fits, when life is the pits
You know I check my friends, make sure they legit
Whether it's freestylin you know we smilin
Niggas pilin up with the gin in a cup
Or a blunt and Olde English so niggas can get fiendish
Playin NBA Jams and just like the beats we slam and dunk
Callin niggas punks but we just poppin junk
Playin dozens, cause we like cousins
And brothers, I wouldn't have it any other way
You know what they say, all work and no play
Et cetera