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Artist: Defari
Album:  Joyride/ Keep It On The Rise Pt. II/ I Can't Wait (L.A. City)12"
Song:   Joyride
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[Verse 1]
I got turntables, speakers, big hits, a big dick
And my grandfather's features
Look at the L.A. street creature
Herut coming out the gates
Dashing bes bek, he's a sleeper
Slow creeper to the top
Street sweep the whole spot
I'm about 20 to 30 and 30 cops

[Voice]: Stop
Before a moment, ok (ok, ok)
[Phil da Agony]: Please enjoy-ride to this (joyride to this)

[Deep voice]: DEFARI hahaha

[Verse 2]
Now I kick of with the pistol
Bark more with the glock
But roar with the double-barrel shot
Gun make em run
When they come
And try to steal from
The man who like a tan
Just as much as Tame One
It's all paper
I need it now, I need it later
Rock jersies like Raiders and Lakers
Drink Makers
Get, set, go
Whoever's last get tramped
They reaction must have been too slow
Now that's a cold way to go 
I got a cold way to flow
Around the house
Find me in a terry car polero
With a bliddi role
Or a nice green bowl
Take a pool of what the wonderful earth has to behold
That old gold flow fade them all so slow
Got MC's really questioning, if they really grow (hmm)

[Phil da Agony]
Your not a pro defari let em know
And get blix and joyride to this

[Deep voice] Defari haha

[Verse 3]
Break it down to the nitty gritty compound the dee
And my name
Stands for the dawn sound
When I'm on the dump I take a quick trip downtown
L.A gun club
Pick a lane defari underground
Likwit got a Westcoast royal crown
I'm from a loyal town
Where the hell you think I sold the motion motherfucking clown
Kane no boy named tommy
Hold [Voice] me down
Let it be known silver man 
I work your ass on the paferpan with a fist to his chin
Put him to sleep
Coma tosses fuckers make me feel these L.A. streets
Now break
Stop look listen, now scratch
Get back to the youth what they missing that cold cat(cold cat DEFARI haha)
With the evil-eye
Hawk shed light on funkies
Keep primi and quality beatjunkies 

[Voice]: Stop
Before a moment, ok (ok?)
[Deep voice]: DEFARI hahaha

And hit you with the (ahhh)

[Phil da Agony]
Enjoy-ride to this
Get a blix and joyride to this
As we hit you with the(joyride) ahhh
Enjoy-ride to this 
Get a blix and joyride to this(joyride to this)