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Artist: Defari
Album:  Joyride/Keep it on the Rise Pt. II/I Can't Wait (L.A. City) 12"
Song:   I Can't Wait (L.A. City)
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I can't wait
I like good food on my plate
I can't wait
Aiyyo it's time to raise the stage
And by the way
L.A. city!
By the way
I hold it down every day in L.A

[Verse One]
Don't start what you can't finish
Especially if you're not in shape you know a man with fitness
Bare witness, got my pop side from Venice
Reason why you can't find my cause I'm not listed
Don't get it twisted
The crew that I'm from is Likwit
Get a chance to see me live that's a hot ticket
Let you roam while I'm home and I'm not with it
You can pop this shit watch me suck another critic
That brother did it
Broke through with a new speak
That L.A. unicical Defari city stile technique
And I don't care what they say to me
I just knocked that real hip mate Joe P.
Take it with me to the G.R.A.V.E
So much soul I'm feeling like Philip Bailey
God gave me a sound that you've never heard
Around the town I got to wattle every noun and verb
And that's my word

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse Two]
Communications makes me touch nations
Implication of my destiny's elevation
Complications when a man stops respiration
Blow to the throat
Fake hardcore imitations
High five touch fist for the black nation
My mother's maiden name is Kidd like that brother Jason
It's L.A.'s own Billy get your heart racing
Like Xzibit to the youth on the foundation
Brown space man
Are you kidding man, my cheese is hidden
From the fans from up shit, man you must be kidding
I'm starting to wonder now why would you even ask
Wanting to know how my circle circulate cash
You're too flash
You get smashed with this empty glass
I have to blast when you small talk, no class
Break God man my people we are enterprise
And goofy niggaz definitely we don't recognize

[Chorus 4X]

I can't wait (can't wait)
Banging this street
I can't wait