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Artist: Defari
Album:  Odds & Evens
Song:   Diamonds in the Rough
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[Chorus] - 2X
We can both be... diamonds in the rough
Handcuffed together, I'll love you forever
For better, for worse -
It's me and you against the world girl
Against the world

I met you at the City Walk
You so fine lil' 7-1-4
Come here and hear this L.A. city talk
My name's Dwayne..
(My name's Veronica, I stay in Santa Ana)
Oh, I stay in Santa Monica
You like a glamour girl, you like my favorite world
My love at first sight, damn you so tight girl
I gotta wrap it up, no time to play around
I may never see you again, and that's not goin' down
I need you in my life, I need you in my world
You so much cooler than my ex-bird, word
Yeah, I think we hit it off, I think it's meant to be
I don't give a FUCK what somebody else say to me
We ribbons in the sky, diamonds in the rough
Amount of time spent with you, I can't get enough
I hustle day and night, my game is sealed tight
You my movie star girl, I'm your sunlight

[Chorus] - 2X

You so tall, you got these squares scared
You like straight out of a magazine, Vanity Fair
You got beautiful hair, I like the way you stare at me
You stare, like you own this D-I-C-shhh
And that's the way I feel, my love is deep and real
I wanna get you that load and that house on the hill
Vero, you my angel in a lost city
You're the goodness that shines through the nitty gritty
I know I'm not perfect, in a wicked city -
Where men kill, but tourists feel is so pretty
I'm grown man with mine, you extra fine with yours
I'll miss you to death, especially when I'm on tours
So hug my pillow tight, smile and never cry
And know there's only one love for Defari
So hug my pillow tight girl, smile and never cry
And know there's only one... yeah

[Chorus] - 3X