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Artist: Defari
Album:  Focused Daily
Song:   Checkstand 3
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Now this is a story in fundamentals
Pure fundamental principles
And all my ????? know what I'm talkin about, knowmsayin?
But yo, it happened like this all the time at the past, no doubt about that

A 1969 vintage bottle of red wine in my hand
Who is that by the checkstand?
With the tall brown tan I call a caramel
The closer I get, the distinctive scent of Chanel
Yo, she was fine, but this happens all the time
L.A.'s notorious for havin top notch dimes
But this one here was a stallion
She looked half sister to me but said she was Italian
Via Puerto Rico
She said that she didn't know pops and that moms lived on Pico
And Fairfax, word to Mix-A-Lot, she had backs
Open off Defari the moment she heard the Goldy Mack
Her name was Cecilia
You know I had to ask her about that wedding ring on her finger
She said that she was separated
That's all I needed to hear cause for a moment there I hesitated
I hooked it up for that night a little later
Flex ???? put my groceries in the refrigerator
Turned on my TV to channel 2
_60 Minutes_ was on, you know the CBS news
Popped a brew, sat down for a minute
Caught this story 'bout this mafia boss known for killin kids
And gettin his, known for smugglin guns
The next thing they show was wedding pictures of his only son
Spit out my brew cause guess who I see?
Right on the TV it's that broad I met at checkstand 3
She's pagin me, let me think quick
Let 10 minutes fly by, called her back and fronted like I'm sick
She leaves messages I never return
I'm not one for the trick bag, too smart to get burned
So anyway, I sees her the other day
She says, "I know I lied but I'm feelin like Marvin Gaye
I need some 'sexual healing', I'm really hot"
She grabbed my dick, I pressed my luck, fucked, then I shook the spot
Aiyo, the moral of the story is this:
What was I supposed to do, the bitch grabbed my dick
Aiyo, the moral of the story is this:
Yo, what was I supposed to do (the bitch grabbed my) (grabbed my)