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Artist: Deep Fried Funk Brothers f/ MURS
Album:  Out of the Frying Pan Into the Fire
Song:   4 & Out
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It's like you ain't never heard me I'm tight
The best thing to happen to the day since night
I'm like new mags on your chrome dirt bike
And the track can't breath cause my verse so tight

[Deep Fried Funk Brothers]
I come through, run through, way too clean
Like triple gold Dayton and straight lacings
We split how we see shit, no Lee fit
Degree and street lit and that's no Secret
Now check it

[Deep Fried Funk Brothers]
We are the best, no I am
Nobody does it like I can, my man
What can I say
Bringin' down the house not chippin' away

[Deep Fried Funk Brothers]
There's no one better
D dub the forth and 23rd letter
Had my cheddar way back
When niggas was still chargin' crocka sacks
Meanwhile, my demeanor leans next door to straight chillin'

[Deep Fried Funk Brothers]
No one can do it better
I know one, but killed them and now it's better
In high school I sewed on every letter
A bad one, yeah I betcha I get her

[Deep Fried Funk Brothers]
I get serious biz when I'm runnin' my jibs
I need doe for my shows cause I'm lovin' my kids
Nothin' for free
Far from a sucka MC
Now every time I rap I need some dead presidency

Look back before rappin' was the thang to do
I still had a microphone and a dangerous crew
It consisted of me, MURS and I
All you sucka MC's eat a verse and die

"Here we go"

[Deep Fried Funk Brothers]
If it's on me then I'm off like Speed Racer
Been chasin' pooty tat since third grade
Made the grade to be one
Smart ass little mother Cuf 
Been dubbed smooth diamond in the rough
Nigga what?

[Deep Fried Funk Brothers]
Better of the best, best believe I'm the baddest
The freshest, the nicest, totally stoned, the radest
Before I dropped my new CD, everybody had it
Wait...hold on

"Bring it back" - Busta Rhymes

Me, I work word magic way before the burbs had it
Step up and get served tragic-ally to the beat
Distributing disturbed that will leave you on the curb shattered
Silly you don't really want static with me

[Deep Fried Funk Brothers]
I'm not sufferin'
No suckatash
Always acquire the last laugh
For those who
Sought to gain off my name
Even your own mom called you pea brain in your pee stain

[Deep Fried Funk Brothers]
Now check it
I'ma show you where the grass is greenest
Say what I mean and my team is the meanest
Fun gang, known to run game on your city
Burn the whole spot bad, attitude shitty

[Deep Fried Funk Brothers]
Uh, the best you should've heard of
With a verse Cameo like +Word Up+
Homie, Schwarzenegger, will get hurt up
I stay lifted like a skirt up
Now check it

"Here we go"

Swung on and missed
Spittin' straight fire from the mound when I pitch
I know I can a oil can boid in this bitch
And you toys can avoid get destroyed in the mix

[Deep Fried Funk Brothers]
Been a long time but now dollars makin' sense
That's all evident inside my sentence
Bustin' hella songs just tryin' to make a dent
If you buy this CD then it's money well spent

[Deep Fried Funk Brothers]
I love me
Let's see
More than me love's she
For that reason I keeps immobile ridin' solo
I great without frosting
In everything but a coffin