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Artist: Daz Dillinger & WC
Album:  West Coast Gangsta Shit
Song:   When the Shit Goes Down
Typed by: Lil Hustle

I was born and raised, you know what I'm talking bout
I'm one of them niggaz that's from, you feel me
There's a difference from being from, and motherfucking claiming
Say I wanna claim this hood, or you know I'm saying
I live way on this side of town, I rep this side of town
So I'ma claim this set, nigga I was born and raised in this set
Over here you feel me, said we was the niggaz that was down
With these niggaz I was riding bikes, big wheel
Know I'm tal'n bout, green machines and shit

I was born and raised to the game, banging fired me
Having heart and having stripes, the only requirements
Nigga represent yo set, nigga come and test a nigga
One on one fading, chunking rocks or pulling triggers
I don't false represent, nigga this is where I'm from
Dogg Pound Gangsta, nigga where the metal's blown
Catch a nigga slipping, yeah you outta bounds with it
Pistol whipping niggaz, you saying that you down with
From deuce-deuces to glock 40's, when I pull it on ya
In the heartbeat in a dog's street, that's when ya lonely
Ashes to ashes bullets for bullets, in gang war
Once you in it you in it for life, so therefor
It's not a game, you can only live life by the edge
Two shots, now the big homie's dead
Don't mean that I'ma stop banging, I'ma even go harder
Flashback to catching Chucks and rags, and placks smarter

When the shit goes down, the gun goes pow
Exactly that's the way, that you niggaz wanted
When the shit goes down, the streets talk loud
Exactly that's the way, that you niggaz wanted
When the shit goes down, the streets talk loud
Exactly that's the way, that you niggaz wanted
When the shit goes down, my gun goes pow
Exactly that's the way, that you niggaz wanted

Transformers, gangstas in disguise
We got the dirt and you word, and you ready to get to serving you
Where you from, nigga the nerve of you we never heard of you
In fact you's a stranger, looking like you's a wanksta
Please, nigga you's a tattoo gangsta
A word to all rappers, I done raised y'all like abracadabra
A fan, that don't make you a factor
Dub-C'll smack ya, and dismiss ya
Have ya laying in the yellow tape, looking like you playing twister
Cause streets don't lie, when I was jacking for cash
Y'all was trying to join the Army, with those slacks up yo ass
Walking around school, in ROTC
Now y'all suppose to be the shit on TV
You lying, no Goliath
Like LeBron gon' see more championships than Kobe, I don't buy it
I should 4-5 it, you niggaz play violent
But when I come around, you bitch niggaz stay silent
On stage, with a gun and act
But when I catch you out them studios, you niggaz be shaking me like a running back
Where your thumper at, I don't see none of that
I should put them hollow tips, where your stomach at
And get to busting at, have you running in a pack
While I'm jumping in a Cadillac, headed to front and back nigga


Tipping tipping, it's the swerver
Return of the three wood turner, dipping dipping with the burner
Dub and Daz mergers, equal a murder
Out the window with the desert eagle, back to serve ya
I feed ya like Gerber, put you over my lap and burp ya
I berk ya, little motherfuckers I hurt ya
Dub-C'll work ya merk ya, what you never heard of the
Fuck that dance, time to kick some curb up

Strike em out, X em out anybody killer
No peace treaty, the same gangs killing niggaz
We don't doubt em multiply em, motto what hood made us
This the life that I lead, attracted to it's paper
America most wanted, me and Dub on the list
West Coast gangsta shit, this what you wanted bitch
Busting with them choppers, killing soldiers and bosses
Me and my niggaz play to win, we ain't taking losses


I'm pulling niggaz cards on this one
If we don't know you nigga
You ain't never went to school in the hood
When you start banging nigga
Round time of the peace treaty, fuck y'all niggaz
Bitch ass nigga, let's roll Daz
Tired of fucking with these mark ass niggaz