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Artist: Daz Dillinger & WC
Album:  West Coast Gangsta Shit
Song:   Blam Blam
Typed by: Lil Hustle

(*gun shot*)

I was rolling real late, in South Central
I need a swisher, so I stopped at the liquor sto'
Them niggaz mean mugging, looking like what up yo
Not even tripping, so I went and grabbed my pistol
And I'ma (blam-balm), let it off
(blam-blam) set it off, nigga I ain't playing around
See I'ma (blam-blam), let it off
(blam-blam) set it off, nigga I ain't fucking around

Nigga I'll lay that ass down, when you vacate or violate my area
Fuck a ambulance nigga, the black angels'll carry ya
Bury ya with the rest of the cowards, marks and busters
Ain't no nice words out my mouth, you stupid motherfucker
Before I was interrupted, me and Dub was on the block
Before you niggaz started fronting, with a problem or some'ing
I'm too O.G., to be disrespected by you niggaz
It's tragical when I hit em, shoulda been with the bid'ness
Now they pushing up daisies, a K against a .380
Ain't no way or no how, you motherfuckers can fade me
From the land of the gangstas, notorious it's so brutal
I'm a shot caller nigga, with a crew that'll shoot ya
Recruit and train, the program'll have em on the frontline
Do or die nigga, cause a nigga really want mine
Late night, the drama comes with the territory
The L.A. times, a fetching brutal gang story nigga


From Sunday to Sunday, loc it's only one way
And that's in your motherfucking mouth, when my gun sway
WC and Daz, keeping it gangsta and we rest
Want my green yes, leaning in that clean S
Twenty thousand dollar chain, laying on that creased press
Pro-fy 4-5, no lie rally by
Windows down shots fly, everybody got's to die
It's suicide, nigga it's suicide
Fucking with the hood affiliate, and that's I
Repping the C-A, getting it from here to G-A
And if niggaz talk shit that's where he lay, we spray
I hit that ass, with the fire
Hey-yo-yo Daz watch these fools, a lot of these niggaz wearing wires
And half of these rap niggaz are liars
But now Daz and Dub-C bitch, you don't believe us then try us


Nigga, we out this motherfucker
Dub-C nigga, Dat Nigga Daz nigga (skip skip)
Remember that nigga, tell your homeboys that
(fuck em) bitch, (fuck em)
Load it up nigga, roll it up nigga, throw it up nigga