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Artist: Daz Dillinger
Album:  Only on the Leftside
Song:   Squeeze
Typed by: Lil Hustle

What's up cuz, let's do this...

[Chorus - 5x]
Squeeze the trigger

I got that auto cannon, semi machine gun caliber
With explosive rounds, that scare the shit right outta ya
Assault rifle, I got them other big clips
I ain't afraid of holding, y'all niggaz ain't bout shit
Cock it back let some shots off, get you and them cuz
With this AR-57, U4-MG go and rain slugs
With ammunition dishing, out on competition
You know I leave the gun smoking, and that revolver spinning
I got this 3-57, to your motherfucking dome
With a .38 special diamond grip, and it's all chrome
Since a youngster, you know the streets raised me
Rap about the life, that the city street gave me
Murderous dream, nigga somebody must bleed
No mo' small time shit, I'm up there in the big league
From the Rollin' 20's, to my ICG niggaz
If you ain't from Long Beach on sight, squeeze the trigger

[Chorus - 4x]

Don't get jacked by the cops, motherfuckers get shot
Paid my dues to the street, we gang bang on the block
Light and passing my cloud, like a lion I prowl
Learn the C behind my bizzack, like the head of nail
You can't ban me nigga try it, you might cause a riot
If the radio don't play the underground, we'll supply it
On the news front page, my crew's in a rage
Searched my car they found a uzi, but missed the twelve gauge
C I bust my gun for fun, I cut em like knife
Make more in one day, than they would in they life
So if you diss me nigga dare, we can take it there
Any time any place, get busy right here
Fuck them all top ranking, flaming fools in the fire
My gun don't bust quiet, pussy nigga come try it
It's revenge and get back, we running up on niggaz
With the glock off safety, die slow squeeze the trigger

[Chorus - 4x]

I get paid for drug dealing, gang banging and killing
My pockets get full filling, I got hundreds to the ceiling
Strapped with a 44, built a safe in the flo'
Have you wishing for mo', my car bullet proof do'
You see cops hate us, and we hate cops
With a warning shot, they kill us hanging out on the block
No justice no corruption, it's all on your face
I can't just swallow this shit, I can't stand the taste
Fuck a nine to five job, disrespected by slobs
With a tommy machine uzi, running shit like the mob
We in the street fight a war, between the weak and the strong
One click cock it back, your ass is gone
With a gun in your mouth, nigga with nothing to say
A to the motherfucking K, on sight squeeze the trigger

[Chorus - 4x]