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Artist: Daz Dillinger & JT the Bigga Figga
Album:  Game for Sale
Song:   They Know
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[Verse 1]
From the depths of the underground keepin' it movin'
JT from the city I got hustle and I can prove it
Been gettin' dough, been runnin' through the score
Been hangin' by the store with flow we get low
In this big record Super Bowl, hits and crashes
Uh, or March Madness hittin' ya campus
Can ya feel his, incorporated for realness
Comin' from a young tycoon laced with ill spits
Dipped in acid, paper or plastic
We still independent ain't no need in askin'
Uh, I'm in the club 430 on dubs
Got the hottest record out and they showin' me love
Bigger rally, no Russell Simmons just killer Cali
Sewed up spots and merky and did em' badly
It's real though bet ya don't know about Fillmoe
Raised in the street with beat stompin' these steel toes

Still get money - they know
We the next click to blow - they know
I represent the West Coast - they know
Holler my name we sowin' up the whole damn thing
Still get money - they know
We the next click to blow - they know
I represent the West Coast - they know
Got game for sure make the whole world get low

[Verse 2]
I'm at the car wash late night washin' my Vogues
Got the Sony Playstation while they blowin' them O's
I'm explosive, sun go down shit ferocious
The strip off the hook with whips, Lacs and toasters
We on the airways with underground DJs
Hit me on my two-way for wax copies and mix tapes
I'm at the L shop, the baby booze they be choosin'
Slidin' numbers to this young boss I keep it movin'
Chasin' guns in the two G one
Makin' runs throught the slums and mackin' the ones
In tall buildings rap game is millions
We gon' be the first to take rap to billions


[Verse 3]
I'm heavy to the game and my arsenal thick
And I advise you to split my I speak to the clip
You can't hold us, Bay town bosses nothin' but soldiers
Ridin' for these West Coast streets runnin' from rollers
Improvise in a slick disguise
In a beamer X5 on the passenger side
She ridin' seat low, keepin' me strapped down with c-notes
Repuable cash flow bank cards where we go
In the city with pennies like Frank Henny
Catch me at the money mark shoppin' with Vinny
Check my background my roots run deep we got game
Holler my name, we sowin' up the whole damn thing