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Artist: Daz f/ E-White, Snoop Dogg, Uncle Reo
Album:  DPGC: U Know What I'm Throwin' Up
Song:   I Got Dat Fire
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[Daz talkin]
man, I need a hit
yea, what's goin on over here
you know my nigga got the fat ass motherfuckin bags
yo, 'sup!
what you got
yea, you know, comin to buy you out
I know you got that fire

we hit the liquor sto'
grab some Satin, limonade, cool-aid and fuck the fo'-0
blaze the indo
me and E-White and Snoop Dogg in the fo'-do' caddy
with that sticky icky shit, nigga blaze a fatty
my people know me when I touch down the soul
I have it, bring it up my nigga
puff the bud and bag it
lace my filas, adjust my tamps and grab my heaters
khakis and wife-beaters and blaze the fuckin weed up
yea, you know we did that
git back and say I did that
is that the bomb shizzat
that put me on my bizzack
purple orange the flavour of the month in a blunt
whatever you need, I got what you want
I got dat

[Uncle Reo chorus]
(fire, I'm on fire)
ooooh I'm on fire
(fire, fire)
and I don't wanna be pulled out
(fire, I'm on fire)
I wanna keep on burnin
(fire, fire)
forever I'm on fire

something so hot it leave me sweat
bairly breathin soakin wet
don't expect me to be close up on it unless you let me
I bet cha it is better for us both to let me close
is you 'bout it, keep private shit that jump off in the closet
baby what you want, I hope Daz got a blunt
I hope Snoop will let me swoop in Snoop DeVille so I can stunt
straight fire baby
take it back to the wire maybe
I can find what I was lookin fo'
a wide open hooka ho'
mad dog cuz I'm lookin on
cuz it ain't no bitch in me
picture any nigga disrespectin when he mention me
this could be the start of something good so let's make it happen
get back to the hood
the whole time me and my niggaz smoke that

[Uncle Reo chorus]
(fire, I'm on fire)
ooooh baby you set my soul on fire
(fire, fire)
with the thing that you do to me
(fire, fire)
I wanna let you know
(fire, fire)
that I'm on, I'm on fire

[Snoop Dogg]
Im electrifyin, dramatisin, recognizin, victimisin
fratinizin, scandalizin, realizin, tantilizin
analizin, sexasizin, vandalizin, enterprisin
maximizin all this shit
runnin my game and I call that bitch
put her in a stable
see if shes able
sit her at the table
yea shes able
will she do it, she got to do it
I run these hoes like Clark Gable
raid these labels
enable myself to turn the tables to increase my wealth
move stealth was the tech on the shelf
try to keep to myself
I don't bother nobody
usually when I fall in a party
shit I become the life of the party
and everybody wanna smoke with the big dog with the big dope
its doggy dizzle and he wizzle
and my lil kin fizzle
Daz Dilly is so silly
still he will he blaze another philly
stick it together and blow your mind
probably so like Donahoe
but I ain't tryin to find a hoe
And if I'm rhymin too fast, thats cuz you movin too slow
you don't know, you won't know
Just hit some of this for the mental *chock sound*
Uhhmmm now let that shit go
now, you know, we know, he know, she know
that boss D-O-G original weed smokin
it's always

[Uncle Reo chorus]
(fire, I'm on fire)
on fire
(fire, fire)
and I don't never ever wanna be put down
(fire, I'm on fire)
are you high
(fire, fire)
whoa, never ever wanna ever be pulled down
baby, you just don't know that you  got my soul on fire
I don't ever be pulled out