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Artist: Dappy
Album:  Bad Intentions
Song:   I'm Coming (Tarzan Part 2)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
So I hate when I talk to my boy from pen and he acts like cuz you forgotten me
I ain't got time to shit let alone come check you blud
You know I'm hot property
I got property
Right now I'm in Europe fucking up shit
More than the economy
So when you land you know I got you properly

I bring my people through with, everything I
You reckon me I pop wid' you
You a snitchin' little bitch and you love
Singin' to the blues
Well this song wasn't made for you
I'm coming
I'm coming
For you
I'm coming
I'm coming
For you

[Verse 2]
Yo, fuck so good make a bitch wanna fight me
Wanna rolex ring Wiley
When I was a bum, no-one really liked me
Now its time someone went a got a new job for Tinie
I'm only playing
I'm just saying I'll shit so hard I'm constipated
Overworked, underrated
Now my tings poppin' off, no gun relation
Grind all day but I ain't roller blading
All eyes on MOI, holla baby
No love for the ex, on that note T
Tell Kelly I've got that motivation
I beg, someone find Max online and let her know I wanna smash her from the back
If not Sarah Jane can come give me brain and put them big red lips on my sack!
I'll be killin' cause I'll be getting bred
Hard doe, number 1?s all day on the chart show
So FUCK YOU and your 90 track mixtape
Thats a million bars of arsehole
My flows are wrecked and it opens legs
Its fly than a motherfucking jumbo jet
What a selfish bastard, no respect
You know Dapz, no regrets
I still roll through my hood and I wear my chain
F*ck a top boy Scorcher and Bashy can't do the same
Real recognised, reaaaalll
How many albums have you sold today?
I ain't saying that I'm Wayne or Kanye
But I'm living life on the runway
If your nang, I'll be like 'Welcome on board my brudda, say bye to gun play'
King of the jungle, hardest can be, I dare you to let your chick party with me
I'm Tarzan and I'm hung like a tree
Imagine if your new born pops out looking exactly like moi
Banter, but on the real get her on pampers because I'll be on the tour bus getting pampered
I heard Simon Cowell thinks I'm a little wanker
An I'm getting on his tits like Cancer
And I don't wanna start mentioning names (Fuck it)
Where they all now? There bankrupt!
Joe McElderry, oh what a stand up!
Alexandra, pull your socks up!
Where you hits at? You ain't no winner!
I feel bad cause your voice is amazing but your careers getting raped by a Mason
That shit fucking upsets me, cause it don't get me, try bring them near me
Coming round with your hands out, wanting a hand out, ahhhh thats too political
I don't care about a Bentley, Gucci or a Fendi, mans living in a spaceship!
You got clapped by a, BANG!
Your girl got macked by a BANG!
That smooth criminal
I'm a product of my environment I ain't sayin' me and you are any different
I'm just planning an early retirement
I don't mean surrey when I say I'm going Kingston
Every mans welcome to fly long distance
We be on the beach with Weed Man Winston! WINSTON!
Plus I'm the craziest ting out the United Kingdom