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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Where Is Danny?
Song:   Still Got Love
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[Verse 1]
It was all a dream, I used to refurbish gasoline
And sell it for the low, secondhand fuel
Biggie in the headphones, Method Man's cool
Back of the class, ass playin' Tetris in school
But I came a long way pursuin' my dreams
To televisions 52-inch screens
Now it got me wishing I could give the fame back to the game
No matter how many groupies it brings
'Cause you were my nubian queen
Among other dubious things
I used to call you, I'd call you on every weekend
When it comes to my career, you helped quite a bit
And when I felt like shit, you would be right there
My girlfriend, and no one in the world could replace you
I remember when you helped me write the hook for "Strange Fruit"
It was our dream, not mine
You used to tell me that you'd say a little prayer
'Til the day that I got signed
I never thought that we would separate
But I guess you lost your patience
Wastin' time on me and my occupation
I kept you waitin' I was focused on my goal
While you was focused on your role as the significant other
But if it was love, I never should've put you on the backburner
Learned my lesson, wishin' you could see me now
G's, TV's and three CD's, wow
I hope you still got love for me

[Verse 2]
I wish that I could tell you every word that I could
And yes, my third album's still certified wood
But at least it got my name to buzzin'
Copped a little fame, it's nothin'
Cousins comin' out the woodworks like I'm Dame or somethin'
I +Dash+ed to glory, and that's the story
I even tried to reconcile, of course you had to ignore me
But you see I'm livin' clean now
LRG jeans now
Plus your stepmother said she'd seen you in town, now
I tried to link up, and you said Tuesday
So I went around the hood like a bootleg Lupe
Stopped and asked
How to get to Dobson Ave.
And ran into a friend that saw you last
I asked him when's the last he heard from?
He said you had two kids and
Now you're on your third one, I still got love for you girl