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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Where Is Danny?
Song:   Sloppy Joe, Pt. 1
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[Verse 1]
D. Swain strike a nerve in bitches that read Zane
And swallow hominy grits, I'm back on my misogyny tip
(You got your heart broke?) Probably bitch
(Well man up with your god damn McGruff lookin ass)
Yo, met this chick Amanda in cooking class
Took a last minute slot for the low-low
Put some sassafras in the pot with the pollo
Impressed the ho, yo; teacher say "now you're cookin' with gas"
Introduced myself I said "it's nice to meet ya
I like the meat you mixed with basil leaves and sliced paprika
But why'd you jump on table 3 and bite the teacher?"
She punched me in my foodbox, made off with my two socks
Damn girl you know I likes it rough
Other guys might give up but I am in it to win it
In it for spinach
I'm so discreet, whispered to her
"can I poke the ovaries with the kosher beef?
We can smoke a stogie afterwards and go to sleep"
Feelin' fly in my endeavors, she said "why I never!
How dare you disrespect me boy you got me mixed up"
Twenty minutes later I was diggin' out the thick slut
Of course my aims is to one-night-stand it
She telling me commitment is something she CAN manage
God damnit, too arrogant to tell her what my plan is
She fell asleep, I vanished
Went home and made a Manwich
I'm gone