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Artist: Danny! f/ Che Grand
Album:  Where Is Danny?
Song:   Off the Hook
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[Verse 1: Danny!]
When I got the phone call from my girl Bosco
Askin' do I wanna go and grab some tacos
Yo I'm in the middle of Street Fighter 10
I ain't tryin' to hit up All You Can Eat night again
But Bosco's like "ho, put down the console
If you go to bed starvin' don't hold me responsible"
She was right son, the kid was hungry
So I stopped M. Bison from kicking Chun-Li
And I pressed pause, put on my fresh drawers quickly
Yes y'all even shaved my chest all spiffy
Then Nikki Jean hit me, said she was in town for the week
And do I wanna come and join her in the sheets?
Sweeeet...hit up her suite an hour later
Frontwards backwards I'm a power player
Didn't want Bosco to be mad I didn't meet her
So before I left home left the phone off the receiver, ugh

Maybe he's sleeping, maybe he's ill
(That's what I want her to think, I'm such a stinker)
Phone disconnected, unpaid bill it's off the hook
It's off the hook
It's off the hook
It's off the hook
It's off the hook

[Verse 2: Danny!]
$89.99 a month? That is comical
No frills, whole phone bill's astronomical
My chips so tight
That's why I keep my talk time shorter than the hair on a San Francisco dyke

[Verse 3: Che Grand]
Sidekick vibratin' off the disco lights
The caller ID's readin' "fuck my life"
Can't push ignore, this cat's ringtone's "SpottieOttie"
But I ain't pickin' up unless this shit about some money
Preferably the type that I don't have yet
And you dudes need Crackberry etiquette, it's evident
But let me keep it relevant, the data plan killing me
Move every three weeks so I don't see what they billing me
The fuckery, texting me to RSVP
To a show I'm not on, douchebag get gone
Your buzz won't last long, I push the power button
Callin' from an unknown like a nigga slow or somethin'
No, I'm thinking I may go to Morocco
Leave my cell phone an arm away, message sayin' "swallow"
+Don't Disturb This Groove+ but fuck +The System+
Besides that they got GPS's in em