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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Where Is Danny?
Song:   Many Reasons
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[Verse 1]
Me and C. Brown prowl Belize
Lookin' for three brown breezies in the crowd, eating gouda cheese
One of the gals gave the kid mad cow disease
Now my knees powerless, my fever's a thousand degrees
We're not allowed to sneeze, it arouses bees
So let's smoke a pound of trees cause the weed
Has been clinically proven to drown a disease
Yo it was me, Chris Brown, Lisa Raye, and my pal Louise
Getting blowed in the Panama Canal, please
Keep it down or police will surround these
And take the keys to the 'pala and impound
Howard's Eddie Bauer power skis and my flower beads
Now to appease one of these three teases
That I found at the start of this verse, powder these... nuts
And since I'm well-endowed, squeezed
On the whole ham, this is what she told Dan, brougham

I love you for so many reasons
Which means
Love you with the freshness of a
Love you with the freshness of a

[Verse 2]
I wasn't raised wrong, I got off the path
Terrorizing my class in a Mothra mask
At 17 I was pissin' off my dad
And stuck a gay porn mag in his Kaufmann bag
My mama found it and she tossed his ass
Out of the house, threw spaghetti sauce across his back
And attacked him with a moss-colored faucet rack
He started coughin', gagged and he lost his grasp
On my mom's apron, she starts spacin'
She gave him more kicks than those found in Lebron's basement
More fist-to-nose than Henry Clark gave Sonny Liston
With blows, she laid him on pavement
Mama maimed him, tamed him, proclaimed him dead
'Til I ran up and admitted that I framed him
They both laughed and they said "Oh Danny!
You and your pranks, that's why you're our favorite in the family"