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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Where Is Danny?
Song:   Manic! At the Disco
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[Verse 1]
I sell heroin to Ellen DeGeneres's kids and breathe into 'em
Drivin' under the influence, hide weed in the transmission fluid
So when they pull over my shit I'm an innocent victim
If I try to buck, a cop'll cling to my tennis shoe
*beat boxes* My name is D. Swizzy
I keep busy, paraplegics with feet missing
Call me sensational (back is the incredible!)
But ten perecnt of my rhymes is illegible
It's Danny Swain on the internet
Posing in the nude in your sister's bed
What's he doing on the cover of Vanity Sausage
Granted, we saw such a thing coming for years
Damn it he lost, but here's
A way to spin it for PR's sake:
Modify his EPK, say he's a J-E-R-K with no regard
Take a dated headshot
Photoshop some tattered tears
Now have him kissin' Baby: +Cash Money+ out the stratosphere
Shit, it worked for Weezy
Believe me when I tell you D. Sweezy do it for TV
Slip a Prilozac to Kyla Pratt
Make Mya guzzle Dimetapp
While Danny waxes philosophical
You hear that? I'm still unstoppable

[Verse 2]
I've got that Boutros Boutros-Ghali Dalai Lama flow
Introduced Marsupilami's mommy to the dollar store
And spoiled the broad
*whistles* Spare the child, spoil the rod?
They got it twisted
Optimisitic never 'cause my album sales are non-existent
I got a sickness and it's called I'ma-Fuck-You-Up-itis
Climb in the truck with Don Imus
And cruise the cul-de-sacs
DVD up in the dash, we watching "When Seagulls Attack"
I asked him where the hoes is at
He said "don't bring that bullshit back"
Goddammit Donnie, lighten up with your fat racist ass
More tasteless than Cissy Spacek wearing a Jason mask
Waitin' in my basement taped and gagged, in an apron
Gas oven at four hundred degrees, and someone lights a match
I'm 'bout to blow up
My competition is bogus
These wack rappers can go suck a dick, the kid is focused
Niggas fiend for my beats
I step on stages, girls scream like I'm Keith
Fanfare was bigger than Vivica Fox
Standing bare on the front of Vanity Fair
Stricken with chicken pox
You corny niggas can kick a rock, go rap with Sisqo
You talkin' greasy, you must've taken a bath in Crisco
D. Swain is back, manic at the disco!