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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Where Is Danny?
Song:   Mama I Want to Fucking Sing
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[Verse 1]
I was born, the son of a knife and a time bomb
With a cordless mic in my right palm
When my mama seen it her reaction was quite calm, at first
Until I looked up at her and uttered a curse
Jesus she freaked out, screaming and pleading to get a nurse
The orderlies aborted me, figures it didn't work
So I'm born with these deformities, itchin' to spit a verse
Mama brought me home from the hospital inside her purse
A newborn with torn ligaments
Crawling 'round the house in shoehorns with foreign cigarettes
I kept my two fronts gold
While writin' lyrics, made a song at just a few months old, oh
My mom would never opt to play with me
Spent the first three years looking for adoption agencies

I've been writing my songs and tryin' to be strong
But mama I just want to sing
I know you don't like rap but you must face facts
And let a nigga do his thing
So mama please don't disown your own son
Don't disown your own son
Mama I want to sing

[Verse 2]
I was 8, man; feeling great, rockin' an apron
My motto was "rip spirits when I kick lyrics"
But my mama wasn't tryin' to hear it
Tried to leave me at Sears with
Some Jell-O and a stolen gear shift
I had to pawn it for cab fare
Made it to the crib, gave my mama a bad scare
I told my mama "this is what I really wanna do
Be a famous rapper, do a tell-it-all on Donahue"
But then she winced
"You little son of a bitch
No son of mine is gonna be a hippity hop hop
Rappity rap rapper, that could be bad
Back to the bathroom you go
Strapped to the crapper without your crackers"
But mom, how long you gonna lock me in the restroom?
"Until you're 22, when this little phase possessing you
Has run its course, don't you wanna be a doctor, Danny?
I talked to Watson's family, he's in college already
And he's only 11, you'll never make it to heaven rappin'"
Her telling me I couldn't was the best that ever happened, word