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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Where Is Danny?
Song:   Lost One
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It's not a diss song it's a real song
You feel me?

[Verse 1]
I heard motherfuckers saying they'd ruin Swain
But who's playing who when sabotage doesn't do a thing
Make the color change in their mood rings
Made me question who was really crazy and who's sane
Would've stayed with 'em but there wasn't much to gain
I put friends over business, niggas was too vain
But when friends start to think with a new brain
They're kinda like food stains
And you gotta get rid of the stupid lames
Don't get it twisted not a day passes by
That I don't have a single tear fall past my eye
It was like three brothers and a sister that I never
Had, always bigged each other up, ties got severed
Mad, but I guess good friends come a dime a dozen
The funny thing is I still love 'em but FUCK 'em
Damnit dude, did we really end this over white pants and pointed shoes?
Who's disappointing who?
Guess what you said was true, really wasn't room for two
Superstars so you did what you had to do
Brainwashed the crew, we still don't speak
One thought for himself but the others is weak
They lost one

You might win some, but you really lost one
You just lost one, it's so silly, how come?
When it's all done, did you really gain from
What you done done? It's so silly, how come?
You just lost one

[Verse 2]
I don't think it's meant to be, T
But she loves her husband more than she does me
And honestly, at 33?
I would prob'ly love my family more than I did she
So we don't speak, just keep excerpts
From our relationship at arm's reach, it hurts
To pretend it never occurred but I half-forgive her
Even though she kicked me to the curb
Coped with it the best way I knew
Made a song and killed you off, named that shit "Where Were You"
Remember when you called me and you said it embarrassed you
Made me shake my head at how I had an affair with you
'Cause of you I couldn't let a chick get too close
Soon as feelings started to progress I'm like "adios"
I swear, you really brought a good man down
I didn't think I'd ever pick the pieces and rebound
But, Danny's driving 6's now
I got riches now
Paid back student loans for both of my sisters now
I'm doin' real good, I don't miss you now
See how life twists around, fucker?
You lost one


[Verse 3]
My father died in his house last June
So under the belief he left way too soon
Close my eyes and squeeze, try to block that tune
How much of my conscious can this shit consume?
I mean, when he cheated on my mama I wanted to kill him
And when he beat me he was treated like one of the villains
But even felons get a second chance
But with pride sentiments don't get a second glance
I was fresh off the plane from the Grammys two years ago
My folks had been divorced for some time, just so you know
I got a phone call from this nigga like "here we go"
Let it go to voicemail cause I don't talk to hoes
And that began a pattern of extending himself
But all I could remember is him grippin' his belt
And smackin' me in the face so his hand I smacked away
"That's what you get for breakin' my mama's heart," I'd say
So the messages piled up
Askin' me if maybe I would like to reconcile
what? What is you, crazy?
Played 'em back for my friends, we all clowned him
Little did I know that my own father was drownin'
I got a call and my pops sounded real sick
But I was still stiff and wasn't feelin' it
As I continued to perfect my raps
A month later, I found out that his kidneys collapsed
Obituary said he died alone
If I had tried to make amends he might have known
I had grown, my atonement is too little too late
Father forgive me for not starting a new slate
Great, I lost one