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Artist: Danny! f/ Von Pea
Album:  Where Is Danny?
Song:   Hoedown Showdown
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[Verse 1: Von Pea]
He ain't 'Ye and we ain't De La
We ain't paid but we ain't stray, why?
It is temptin' to go in for a victim
To pimp him, simpin' with video vixens
The fans tell me that I ain't allowed to quit
And I'd be proud to sift through the e-mails
Like I am about to get through to teen males
And tell 'em it's alright to respect a female
These other rhymers write like part-timers
It's a harsh climate thus I'm off grindin'
Often reminded we awesome and timeless
From Austin to Thailand, we tied in
I can rhyme plus I can mind
My own damn business, some of y'all should try
The flow's mad senseless, none of y'all can ride
The beat like I
Or Danny, 'bye

[Verse 2: Danny!]
Hi! It's D. and The Beatmaker
Please take a seat in the rear make way for the best
Fifteen men on a dead man's chest
Spent sixteen yen on a Stedman dress, yes
The king of non-sequiturs is back
Back with a brand new track
Watch the online editors attack
Underpaid snakes
Fake as a steak on a Rubbermaid plate
Have you seen my reviews?
Jesus, these G's is confused
Wouldn't know a good record if it bit 'em in their asparagus
Had a therapist once
Cut her off when she called the kid an arrogant cunt
That's the third time this happened this week
Flipped her the bird, choked the cat in the sleep
And beat the pussy up
Double entendre
Trouble man cuddled with a couple blond Sandras
And Sonya from the Bronx with the ganja
Keeps prank-calling my phone, I don't answer
As-Salamu alaykum
Robbed the kid's hospital, lots of tonsils taken
Hey now, you wanna see?
Got it for the low-low, PayPal the funds to me
Black market pimpin'
Catch me in the booth in the back of Martha's Vineyard
If I ain't there tell 'em Arthur sent ya
Got a good discount on them hearts and dentures, yep
Street peddler for real
Synagogue boss hog with secular appeal, oh