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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Where Is Danny?
Song:   Gone Danny Gone
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[Verse 1]
There he goes, smackin' craniums with Swain's relentless flow
Rips it though; Jack Delaney rum is what he's sippin' yo
He can make them act so loco he's wonderin' if he should skip this show
Fuck no, smoke these blokes, competition run 'em over, oh no
He ain't had a real buzz like this ever since Charm dropped 2006
Now the fiends need a fix but he's pissed cause his name never gets mentioned in the mix
Back out of the game he must go, rap will never be the same as befo'
Baskin' in the fame as he's overreacting to the lames and these hoes
Sixth album, how was the outcome? Overlooked five years in a row
But it's getting to the point that my joints are a white shoelace disappearin' in the snow
Gonna have to get mentioned, some incentives, make it worth my while
Sick of being underrated when I see all these shark-ass niggas tryin' to bite my style
Catalogue twelve records deep, that'll hold down all my peeps
Niggas sleep so I can't keep putting out these LPs, studio time ain't cheap
And to my fans I hope that y'all understand
The difference between quittin' and takin' a stand
I'm finished man

Goodbye, so long, peace
G-g-g-goodbye, so long, peace