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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Where Is Danny?
Song:   George Wendt
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[Verse 1]
I'm like a G in a peacoat
Kumquat, cum yacht, skeet skeet in a boat
Fuck you think I'm knee deep in it fo'?
For cheese? Nigga please: feed me free reefer and coke
Pop some Midol and I'm all set
Run down to Midtown, get my balls wet
But not that tranny action
I'm talking Moms Mabley baby, Granny Jackson
Designed this flyer in Papyrus font
Sent an e-mail just to see what Miley Cyrus want
She told me Comic Sans, I'm not a damn mind reader
Besides, these Y's look like I's on the wifebeater
You don't like us? Well keep your distance from us
Give us ten feet, mincemeat, pita chips and hummus
My mantra is "Get Rich or Die Tryin'"
Or try dying, or try iron-on tie-dying
Or try Breyers® brand yogurt
Beware of Leviathans, they try to scam ogres
Ask Shrek, he can vouch
Peace to Salma Hayek's ass, chest, cheeks, and mouth
Damnit I have needs
I ain't an ass man, show me calves and knees
I'm smellin' mustard gas in the breeze
Stuck the brass centipede in the aspirin machine, doggy
Now everybody do the George Wendt
Camping outside with Mormons in an orange tent
Watching the foreign kids perform "Rent"
On a worn fence
For 44 cents