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Artist: Danny! f/ Ladi Jade
Album:  Where Is Danny!?
Song:   Crank Dat (Hey DJ)
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[Verse 1: Ladi Jade]
Grippin' grain, sippin' drank
Subaru drippin' paint
When I pull up in my car
That D. Swain be going hard
No regard, I don't give a fuck when I be passin' through
Best believe I be bumpin' "Café Surreal, Part 2"
Danny! Swain: best producer/rapper in the industry
If you don't agree then you cannot be friends with me
I don't need no change of pace, everyday I play his tapes
Haters get mad when I rock my D. Swain Bathing Apes

[Chorus: Danny!!]
DJ please hey turn that fucking Danny! up
Turn that Danny! up, t-turn that fucking Danny! up

[Verse 2: Ladi Jade]
Anybody not feeling Danny! needs a telegram
Signed by the Jade one, also known as Yes Ma'am
"Danny! is Dead?" No you're insane, Danny!
'Cause I can't even get your songs up out my brain, Danny!
Danny! speaks so jammy, I see Danny! at the Grammys
Taking over the planet, oh how the nerve of Danny!
I am the frenzy but Danny! be the Frisbee
He fly like a flying saucer I'm just the oracle
So you can row your boat gently down the stream
While me and Danny! come through and tsunami your dreams
Formulated a blood bath, D. Swain says he's the maniac
Submitted permission to kill any chickens I meet that like to swaggerjack
You kleptomaniacs are lacking sauce, now pardon that
Get my boy Danny! on the track, he'll eat you like a snack


[Verse 3: Ladi Jade]
"Charm" it was a classic, damn I gots to have it
iTunes got that two-for-one, Ladi Jade's a bastard
Every lyric I can spit it, every album song for song
Man the way he run the game, you can call him Donkey Kong
You can say I am a Danny! chick
Called myself excited when I seen him on the Grammy list
Even got my family pissed my mom would say I'm sprung
Cause I got D. Swain's initials tat-tatted on my tongue
Tatted on my tongue, tat-tatted on my tongue
Even got a Danny! bobblehead, squeeze it it plays "Not the One"
Clever as he wanna be, plus he's dapper man
How else can I say it? Motherfuck these other rappers man