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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Cafe Surreal 12"
Song:   Just Friends
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[Verse 1]
Cocoa butter colored skin
Sexy and smart, with a heart I hope no other brother wins
I was smitten ever since, convinced that I belong in your dimension
Secretly I long for your attention
Retention of thoughts that brought pain to the front of my mind
Can't let you slip because you're one of a kind
And I wanna make you mine
There's no better feeling
When affection's got you revealin'
Confessions you been concealin'
But you wouldn't feel him...
Only thing I fear is rejection and death
So I figure they're co-related
Why would you date him?  Could be a school-boy crush
Or maybe he ain't tough enough, what could you do with a loser?
My views are at worst, delusional
At best, quixotic: a product of thoughts unusual
I wish I could get through to you, confess my love
But we're best friends, and I ain't trying to mess that up
So what's the deal y'all

[Chorus] - 2X
We just friends y'all
We just friends y'all
We just friends y'all
It never ends y'all

[verse 2]
The only thing worse than love unreciprocated
Is coming to grips with it; I hate it
Pretty brown young sista, so sophisticated
And everytime we joke and kid I know a kiss would make it
Squeamish between us; we'd get over it, I'd show you what I mean but
Can't handle rejection, got issues with self-esteem and
I can't stop the fantasies, nights of illicit dreams
I might induce some lucidness, explicit and extreme
Lofty thoughts, I'm slick but
Not quick enough; picked up bad habits from the hipsters
If I can't have you, what's to live for?
Until I'm tagged by the coroner
I'd rather sit back and bask in your aura
As for the former, God forbid I ever pass away
Without having the chance to tell you everything I have to say
I guess there ain't no changin' destiny
Best friends forever, and I guess that's all we'll ever be
We're just friends y'all

[Chorus] - 2X