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Artist: Danny! f/ iLLmont
Album:  Payback
Song:   Payback
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[Verse 1: Danny!]
Smokin' sour diesel with Evel Knievel
watchin' "Leave It To Beaver" reruns with twenty-three nuns
And fifty priests
Sixty feet under sea level
She-devils rebel and rabble-rousin'
I grab a thousand pounds of sheet metal
And manufacture my own guns
Makeshift artillery, I'm killin' these niggas
Fracture their nose, dun
Take Kidz In The Hall, toss 'em down a hallway and I finish 'em off
While I play a round of miniature golf
(There he go again!) Back on my bullshit
Smackin' new jacks in the skull with the back of my pool stick
Diagnosed with an overdose of Imodium
Made a bomb out of hydrogen sodium, strapped it to the podium
I ain't the hottest in the game, I'm the only one
Fuck nigga, you can runteldat
But tell it fast, 'cause I smell a gas leak in the furnace
I'm furnished with the knowledge to beat Copernicus in a tournament
Competition, diminsh 'em
iLLmont, finish 'em

[Verse 2: Allen Thomas]
I'm a mic device domestic abuser
With the head like a male Medusa
And weight of a Cruiser
You niggas is sore losers, true shit
I got your girl and I ain't even have to seduce her
Or pursue her
We lay back on the Payback
While your man's hair goes way back
Spittin' straight facts
With iLLmont up in the tape deck
Kid we lace crack
In the grip of crushed codeine
Got cats loud
Cheerin' like my clique's the home team

[Verse 3: KhalilWho]
+Look At Me Now+, no Chris Brown
Tearin' your shit down
That's what you get, clowns
Coming with sick nouns
And verbs for the herbs
Yeah the whole crew is sick, wow
We mob on squads, tell them ho niggas "sit down"
And on our job, no more calling in sick now
Still at the crib but, all up in pics now
Online stuntin', got a whole bunch of kicks now
With Mishka beanies on, scarf a whole bowl of Trix down, ugh

[Verse 4: EyeBeIllin]
I'm turning rappers into ashes
Knocking niggas out my ring, you'd think my name was Cassius
My devestating grammar has been patiently waiting
To demolish these faggot niggas while they still in the making, yeah
Payback, my dude since way back
Verbally touching souls, I'm making 'em sway back
All I do is drop hits, I don't know how to miss
It's Eye-Double-L and don't you niggas forget
I be illin' on the mic, always killin' some shit, yeah

[Bridge: Danny!]
Always killin' some goddamn shit, muthafucka
Do you know you know what fuckin' time it is? (about 5:30)
Do you know what fuckin' time -- we ain't done!
Who the fuck said we was done?
Bring the muthafuckin' beat back goddammit!
Who made this beat? (I'm pretty sure you did)
I did? (yeah)
Oh shit!
Son it don't stop
It don't stop son, yo
Who's next on this muthafuckin' beat?

[Verse 5: Olde English]
Play at ya man, wastin' with eight lines
I could count your verses and maim faces and break spines
Besides nigga, I heard it through the grapevine
My lines make you wanna retire, pussy the game's mine
It's Payback, so make that a message
To the faggot-ass proctor who's passin' out all the test-es-es?
'Cause I'm a monster man, the last boss
Got a spell to mash your cool kid into awesome sauce

[Verse 6: Nihilus]
Word to Manson, you must've gone man
Lost nuts, yo you must've tossed your gonads
But I came through just to make your soul dance
See the whole ass of the ho, it's romance
It's Payback minus Mel Gibson
Took all the bars, now the sale's missing
Shell's hittin' around twelve victims
Now they gonna clam up
Mouths gettin' jammed shut
They no longer have tongues, you little wack fucks

[Verse 7: Plex]
I drop bombs on these tracks, cataclysmic
Raps with definition when I get scientific
I could polarize your photons and fuck up your image
Shoot shots with lyrics when I aim from a distance
Pow! I'm tighter than a Lifestyle
Ready out the womb so who's ready for this life now
I eat tracks for dinner, so when I shit I just shit vowels
Constant like a consonant, well who's the shit now?

[Verse 8: Felix Von Soco]
Better call your preacher 'cause I'm rippin' your whole choir
With a calm demeanor but the spittin' is so violent
It's Payback, if you dig it then go buy it
We the captains of the flight, them niggas is co-pilots
In this hip-hop dame and I'm boinkin' her like a thick chick
You niggas stay disappointing her with your limp dick
I hold it down steady but my mind's well lifted
It's that nigga Von Soco, the double-L misfit