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Artist: Danny! f/ Joi
Album:  Payback
Song:   Myintrotoletuknow
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I came from a bad block, hoopties and rag tops
Boosters and flat tops, they was +Watching the Throne+
I usta walk through the ghetto barefoot, a pocket of stones
My homie told me store the stogie behind the ear, so they would leave me alone
Befriended niggaz in high, places and low
They had, one thing in common, they pursuaded me to go
"Get out the hood," they tell me, geni-us is never nurtured
in circumstancesn where virture is happenstance, I had a plan
Few times aborted them, false starts, 'bout four of them
Lucky for me, Biggie and Pac was reinforcin 'em
My beats were treat, 'til I was a beast, hurtin 'em all
But FUCK these niggaz yo, my circle was small
and it still is, I got that from Ghost and Rae
Back in the day, was so funny, man they ain't like nobody
But people givin me grief? Pop shots at competition
Hold on, I'm skippin ahead, what the, fuck am I missin?
My mission was simple, simpleton slept, simple as that
Big dream is regardless, Wimbleton's next, win all them stacks
Rode around in my Hyundaiwith my demo tape blarin
Without a care in the world, white folks would steady be starin 
Karen told me to get used to it since I was pursuin music
Transcended the hood, well-dressed so I look good doin it (Hahaha)
Ah~! The same niggaz that told me to LEAVE the ghetto
The same ones that hate me today, I must be special
God, gave me a gift and told me to share it, don't knock it
You don't like it? Donald Glover just dropped a tape, go cop it, hahaha!
I hear it's uhh, quote-unquote "progressive"
Might wanna go download that
("We don't stop, I told you...")
Good as new, oh your song's got twenty re-blogs?
Good for you, I'm thinkin bigger than internet
With J-J-Jigga on Line 1, I'm set
Just a matter of time 'til y'all realize I'm the best
Since I've been through this drama, I talk to these kids and they mama
I am Barack Obama, so I split my sentence with commas
Now they call me a Commie and if the shoe fits, then fuck it
But if it don't, your suicide is committed, kick buckets
Now who's the king of these rudimentary ruthless rap lyrics
who can stare at his reflection with a toothpick grin and crack mirrors
Flip flop from locking hip-hop comsumers to put in our product
Hotter than waters in hot suanas and Guana combined
The paradigm has been shifted, a pair of dimes and some bitches
is all I need in this life of mine - Divine Intervention 
Fuck all that other shit, almost sold my soul to Satan, baby!
"Payback" was a suicide mission 'til Okayplayer saved me
They said the industry is shady and need to be taken over
Well here go my four-leaf clover, I'm turnin it in
Hopin the world, remembers me as a rebel with raw talent
The devil in me, evil as Jeff {?} all malace (all malace)
So don't you EVER try to front like I can't rap
or my beats don't slap, IE don't crack
jokes about a soldier whose whole composure is balanced
on a line thin as coke that Rick Ross snorts in his palace, na-na-nah
OWW!! There it is
Knock me down, I jsut keep gettin back up
Danny Swain and ah
Okayplayer and ah
2012, 2013 and beyond..
("I looked over to the left" <- Tweet) ("Mmmm" <- Missy)
This is probably the most like self-indulgent product I ever put out
Heh, bounce, bounce
I'm killin these niggaz man
Hey y'all, this is Joi
a/k/a Rebecca Holylove the Dirty Debutante
a/k/a Tennessee Slim, a/k/a Starkitty
And this is a tale of revenge resolved in redemption
See Danny Swain was never young enough to be my child
but I loved him and I looked after him like he were my own
I try my best to guide him and lead him in the right direction
and yes he needed a WHOOOOOLE lotta guidance
But his heart was in the right place
So I took him under my wing
As you navigatin through this crazy life
Y'know you can have your fair share of letdowns and setbacks and..
I think one day somethin snapped in Danny! because of all that
and baby did everything under the sun you could think of
Boys in blue finally caught up with him 
and charged him with seventeen counts of forgery, impersonation, hacking and intent to distribute
Now err'body makes mistakes, but I ask you..
If a man steals a loaf of bread to feed his daughter, does that make him wrong?
They have my baby facin all types of charges, they even gave him a court date
I prayed for him and I meditated.. as much as I could
But some things a young man is just gon' have to learn on his own, right or wrong
and Danny! would later find that out.. 
Why he do what he did?? What made him wanna get his payback?
Well, perhaps it's best that we start, at the beginning