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Artist: Danny! f/ Tanya Morgan
Album:  Payback
Song:   Louder
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Put me on, yeah put me on
Put me on, yeah put me on
Put me on, yeah put me on

[Verse 1: Von Pea]
Red cups, folding tables
Bass so hard, it knocked out the cable
Abled bodies move around me
Up and down beat, they angry down street
Callin' coppers, awful chakra
They'd come slower if +I Shot Ya+
Forget them, give them hoes the vodka
Ladies wine, six-pack to grandma
Doctor, you'll play nurse
She's the patient, you go first
I got patience, let's rehearse
This ain't my house, my town's worse
There, we could go ham
Turn it up, they won't give a damn
Drove in her garage, my Larry Levan
Wait, the cops... damn

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 2: Donwill]
Somethin' like a frat rap cypher
White-boy wasted, pullin' all nighters
You can't be serious? Mike's Hard Cider?
Double cup for what? Lean ain't NyQuil
You ain't doin' it right
Besides, Bacardi goes much better with Sprite
But I'm, Mr. Straight Sip, disappear four-fifth
Alcoholic? No, I call it a gift
Get her topless then turn it to a .GIF
Motorboat, pourin' liquor down her throat
Yo, what a way to use a scholarship
Studies stayin' steady after Smoke, Snort, Swallow, Sip
Cops knock, they all probably duck and hide and shit
I get the door like "yo, who order strippers?"
Uh, this ain't my house
So I could give a flying fuck if we get kicked out
Besides I'm the beer pong champ tryin' to win
Trophy is a sheer thong tramp, model thin
Light-skin, I'm goin' in man

[Verse 3: Danny!]
Furthermore ma
Beer pong, reefer posters
Stacks of Mickey Factz CDs for coasters
Two dozen kegs, put away the Cristal
Eighty missed calls, my neighbors pissed off
Decibels ninety-thousand
Monday morning, I'll have to find new housing
'Cause I'll be thrown out on my ass
Unpleasant, pheasant under glass
That's slang for musty breasts
French dames ask Swain "you fuck me, yes?"
Rap game fast lane 'cause we love respect
Snatch chains if the music don't pan out
Hands out for a shot, but they weren't in the mood
It's all good, buzz bigger than Eternia's boobs
Ooooh....cops just pulled the plug
My attorney is screwed