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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Payback
Song:   Go That-a-Way
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Type of nigga made prone to blow
Look homeboy I KNOW I'm the hero
But could your friend and that girl and 'um
Get 'em all taken back down where you came from
Was the fan that I used to know
You're a Stan and you gots to go, see the front door? (Go)
No more freestyles, tryna get signed
You out of time and you just crossed the boundary line, homie
No diggity, I already KNOW I'm the shit, you illiterate son of a bitch
But uh, I ain't tryna be cocky, I'm not bein rude 
but you broken in my dressing room, dude!
Want my music - here ya go; autograph, that's fo' sho'
Backstage pass to my show, but why you gotta follow me into the bathroom, yo? 
(C'mon man!) Whatchu think I'm Big K.R.I.T.? I don't play that shit
Need three feet when I'm pissed, don't get your fuckin wig split
["Double Dutch Bus" sample]
Mill-zan cill-zan sill-zome bill-zai pill-zay dilzz-ouble dilz-utch!
(Hilz-zoo?) My giz-zirl! (Brill-zing her izz-in!)
Izzo kiz-zay! (Iz-zall izz-ight)
Izzo kiz-zay! (Iz-zall izz-ight, niz-zow wiz-zee wilzzo zoo-zee!)
Why, you, both-ering, me? (D. Swain, check out my mixtape, bro!)
Give, me, space, to, breathe (Yo, I'm sayin can a nigga get a verse doe?)
I, think, you, should, leave 
You make me uncomfortable, dawg, go THAT-a-way!
And kill the attitude homes, cause I keep enough fist to punch that-a-way
Why, you, both-ering, me? (Yo D, I bought you a mixed drink!)
Give, me, space, to, breathe (Check out my beats, lemme know what you think)
I, think, you, should, leave 
You make me uncomfortable, dawg, go THAT-a-way!
And kill the attitude homes, cause I keep enough fist to punch that-a-way
Stop poking me on Facebook too
C'mon fam, that's mad homo..
Not that there's anything wrong with that!
I-I like gay people, you know what I'm sayin like
I listen to Wiz Khalifa sometimes, you feel me?
But don't get it twisted (Heheh!)
Fans are cool, it's the Stans and the opportunists that I don't like
You know the type, that heard about you a week ago
Saw the Jigga co-sign, the ?uestlove co-sign, whatever
Saw you on MTV, and now they all in your space after you get off-stage
Talkin 'bout, "Yeah dawg, we rootin for you man
I always knew you was gonna blow up, but uh
Uh, check out my Soundcloud, lemme know what you think"
..FUCKOUTTAHERE~! What kind of fan is that?!
You was tryin to put yourself on, my nig
Then you got the dude that e-mail you everyday on Facebook
ReTweet all your Tweets, youknahmsayin?
Heard about the show and drove three thousand miles to see ya
And they try to get your attention, but you're too busy 
locking eyes with a Lisa Bonet look-alike in the front row, and now they mad
And drive three thousand miles back home, defriend you on Facebook
Block you on Twitter, un-Tumbl you on Tumblr
Leak your unreleased songs that he sucked somebody off to get
Talk mad shit about you online like, "Yeah yeah"
On some, "Yeah Danny!'s a bitch, he snubbed me!
He lame anyway, fuck him!" Motherfucker, I didn't see you
I didn't see you because BREASTS, my nigga! Because BREASTS!
You mad? You gon' cry, bro? Damn!
[Timbaland - sample intro to "Misunderstood"]
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
It's me again baby, Timbaland
And we do it somethin like this, hear the beat..