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Artist: Danny! f/ Collette
Album:  Payback
Song:   Far Away
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[Chorus: Collette]
Though you're far away
I won't ever let you go
I won't let you slip away
Where we'll wind up, I don't know
Though you're far away
It feels like you're oh so close
Closer than I was yesterday
I'll continue down this road

Muh'fuckers wanna act loco
Pretend like I ain't spittin when I rap dope though (yeah)
Treat me like I'm invisible (Why's that?) Hell if I knew!
Tryna X me out the game, what the hell did I do?
Who the hell did I piss off? The powers that be 
to keep me from fulfilling my dreams
Must be the karma that's makin it so damn harder
Was smart, but I gotta work smarter
I used to ride the MARTA, now I ride the wave of increments
Calculated moves work the +Texas Instruments+
Seems every step that I +Take+, I lose +6+
But the only thing I love is making music
A federacy, but every other year
it gets embedded in me these niggas better than me
Reinforced by the media, believe in the hype
to hear 'em tell that I'm a relic if you're readin it right
But even the Jiggaman was damn near 30
when he finally got his shine - I'm only 29!
So maybe I'ma reach the stars in due time
I admit that it helps when I see the signs
In January I was hangin at the end of a stream
'til ?uestlove took me under his wings
But it's gonna take more than a couple of tweets
and a Pitchfork blurb, the rest up to me
So if I have to be the next big thing
twenty years in a row, I'ma give it a go
I've gotta finish this yo, but people get confused
I aspire for more so I can inspire more
Try to be the opening act, don't treat me like a hypeman!
Wouldn't expect y'all to understand this pressure
People ask 'em keep up the rappin, speaker don't have it
Dreams, reach up and grab 'em like I'm almost there
What the fuck?


("Love you baby" <- Aaliyah)

Though you're far away
I won't ever let you go
Nooo no, no no nooooo..

[Hurricane G]
Yo, what the FUCK, man! Get the fuck off that punk smooth shit, man!
Get with that rough shit, man! You know how we do!