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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Danny Is Dead
Song:   The World Is Yours
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[Verse 1]
I'm the most prolific artist, tried to oust Picasso
Used my whole head; nose bled, rhymes out the nostrils
I always ate supper but my supplement's determination
Dropped a couple hints and yearned for greatness
Mama I'm GONNA sing

I used to keep a stack of records from Stax
A record in fact, never met a cat with more records than that
Ample samples for pickin', my hands was cramped from the mixin'
But dammit Dan's so ambitious, I think he's on to somethin'

Slept on so much it should've been a felony
Led on so much from lies these niggas sellin' me
I k-kept on per good advice my friends would tell to me
Now I'm the best on the scene, my seams is bustin', Della Reese

And thanks to Jocelyn
I ain't had to worry 'bout the gangsta posturin'
She kept my head afloat when all them gangs was watchin' and
Told me to be myself and now D. Swain's on top again

[Bridge # 1]
Danny was bored
So he dropped a classic album
Wound up at the Grammy Awards
Below the stage, front page
That means I'm smarter than you other rappers, truth hurts
Snuck a peek up Robin Troup's skirt, while you watched at home
Keep watchin' holmes (catch up niggas)

The world is yours baby, and that's the truth
Don't ever let nobody tell you what you can and what you can't do
(True!) 'Cause in this life you only get a chance or two
(True!) Don't take these dreams for granted, make your plans and move
The world is yours baby, all you have to do is try
You're bound to reach the stars if you just shoot for the sky
So shoot for the sky...just shoot for the sky
"'s the world famous" - M.O.P.
"D. Swain..." - Danny!
"" - M.O.P.
"...the world is mine!" - Kanye West

[Verse 2]
Now watch me soar across the skies y'all
Ambition big as Tracee Ellis Ross's eyeballs
They thought I'd gone and forgot my Roots like Dice Raw
(Never that) Eat competition like a Tyson brawl
Chew you up and spit you out

They told me n-never argue with fools
So I stayed in my lane just like a car pool
Stayed true to myself and dammit if it didn't pay off
Critics' predictions way off
But you know I shed some tears; +Why Must I Cry+ like Reh Dogg?

Why must I stress, a lot can happen in a year's time
I disappeared so my career would be revered, I'm
Still tryin' to climb and make my mark just like brasierre lines
Would've had a singer on this track but Britney Spears declined

But no worries, too much at stake to lose
Cats be like "if this corny nigga can make it, then I can make it too"
Now I'm their inspiration but no one will come
As far as me, star of "D. Swain Motivation 101", +Let's Get It+

[Bridge # 2]
I thought I told you I won't lose, I'm in my prime
While all y'all struggle with the "wish-I-had-skills-but-I-don't" blues
You tried to deny me but I don't give a flying fuck
I'm on iTunes, you're on iSuck
Ya time's up nigga