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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Danny Is Dead
Song:   Now You're Back (Intro)
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You off sides, better play your position
Like lost dice, I'm what the game's been missin
D. Swain's been fishin' for compliments, my competence
Has been wasted, I ain't seen my conscience since the spillage
Is he the illest? It depends who you ask that
Type of nigga to make a beat from violins and a hatrack
Humility, it stems from my cabbage patch
Rooted in my friends and my habitat, matter of fact
I chop a break fast for breakfast and
Beat a nigga to the punch for lunch
Dig in the bargain bin for dinner
The skinny nigga done made good
The media insists that I stay hood
But I never was to begin with
My penmanship is intricate
But Jay already said that it don't get you shit
So I would write it if y'all would get it
All y'all would-be critics must've mistook me for an idiot
I seem soft-spoken
But I need not for you to open your mouth
And hit me with obscene blog-postin'
"What's so special about him?
'Charm' is his best album
But he need to stop it with all that Kanye West-soundin'"
I +Heard It All Before+ like Miss Anderson
Don't mess with broads no more, I kiss mannequins
No Tylenol no more, I switched to Anacin
Schizofrenic, I guess my sanity is scramblin'
Ramblin', just to see if you're still here
I would've been blown up, supposedly
I came up with the Gnarls Barkley concept and they stole it from me
Even if everybody thinks I'm +Crazy+ I ain't never goin' under
Before I do that, I'll use my fame to gain Raven-Symone's phone number
No sleepin' pills needed; my dreams fulfilled believe it I'm back!
...mama, I made it