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Artist: Danny!
Album:  The College Kicked-Out
Song:   When You Get There
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[Verse 1]
Yo I could never forget, the day I saw you at school
For the first time, girl you must've thought you was cool
'Cause you were dressed in all white with your hair pulled up
I knew I'd fall in love if I wasn't careful enough
But our friendship was tainted before it even started
The whispers and the rumors, you swore you'd disregard 'em
'Cause you wanted so bad to believe me, I'm glad you believed me
We became best friends gradually
Left all the drama in the past
Explained that we were friends to everybody and they mama when they asked
But the people in the ghetto understood me wrong
And tried to knock me off the pedestal you put me on
But when it got out of hand, I didn't jot out a plan
I'd just sit back and watch the show
And now I just sit back and watch you go
I'm missing you so bad, you're the sister I never had

They say you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone
So I guess that all I've got is this song
Girl you, got me so weak 'cause we don't even speak
But what do I have to show for it, only this beat
Only this rhyme, trapped for a moment in time
Let me know how you've been doing, baby show me a sign
When you reach true happiness, just give me a call
Just call me when you get there

[Verse 2]
Now the bright lights around me seem dimmer
My face seems slimmer 'cause I skipped lunch, I missed dinner
But uh, more importantly I miss you
I'd wipe my face with a tissue
But I've got so many issues
That I can't seem to stop the tears from fallin'
"Quit messin' around (Jasmine), damn...just call him"
Nope! I want you to call when you get ready
Not because my legs feel like spaghetti
Every time I take a little walk down memory lane
Remember Jerry? Remember Elaine?
It's a little too soon to say goodbye
I knew I should've told you 'bout the money I was making on the side
But I was full of pride and I didn't wanna lose you
Let's sit and talk a while, sharing stories like we used to
Get used to me askin' to come back in my life
You almost left me once but I won't let it happen twice