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Artist: Danny!
Album:  The College Kicked-Out
Song:   Stay Away
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South Carolina stand the fuck up
And if you ain't from around here
I suggest you get from around here, ya'heard
It's about to get real ugly

You better tip-toe when you in the Metro
Boy it's gettin' wild down here (so stay away)
You don't wanna be found in C-Town, with your guard down
Don't you know they smell your fear (so stay away)
If you wanna run your mouth then them guns come out
Boy Columbia don't play no games (so stay away)
Cap City, everybody rap with me
'Cause you know ain't a damn thing changed (so stay away)

[Verse 1]
Where niggas'll mean-mug ya
Believe me, I seen the gutter
They'll squeeze and release
Leave your brains creamy like peanut butter
Where cigarette smoke clouds the atmosphere
And where they're trying to bring button-ups back this year
I'm from the land of the free, the home of the brave
Where sorry niggas take a stripper home to get laid
And everybody roll up on twenty-inch chrome blades
I guess their light bills won't get paid
I'm from the city where the cops surround you
Hold you down on the ground with them cuffs around you
If you try to get tough, they'll pound you
Lock you in a cell, face swoll
All the inmates clown you
Don't be surprised if you're gonna need a ride
'Cause your car got tooken, left the keys inside
Little kids gangbangin' and they're just knee-high
And if you're an out-of-towner they can see it in your eyes

[Danny! talking]
Yeah, you see that?
That's your brains splattered all over the sidewalk
'Cause you just got popped
Told you to stay away


[Verse 2]
Last Monday I saw niggas
Just runnin' down Broad River
Boostin' a gas station
For money and hard liquor
And every cop got a canine truck
Last week I saw a grandmother throwin' gang signs up
Even if you held your breath 'til your face turned purple
You still can't escape gettin' chased down Percival
Mexicans curse at you
For steppin' on their turf, dude
On Harden Street, they hardly beef
Oops! That's a mistake yo, pardon me
Over there, all they ever do is drink and smoke
Cab drivers gettin' robbed, old women get choked
Them Rosewood niggas
Them up-to-no-good niggas
They always plottin' on somethin', misunderstood niggas
And if you ever wind up in Woodfield
Watch your back homie, 'cause you could get killed

[Danny! talking]
Yeah, peace to Ill Shawn
Stay out of Woodfield, he'll tell you all about it
When they pull out the AK it goes "thump-thump-thump"
When they pull out the AK your heartbeat goes "thump-thump-thump", nigga
I'm tryin' to tell ya


[Verse 3]
So Metro! Stand up
Yo we pop a lot of junk like Fred Sanford trucks
Police always got our hands in cuffs
Niggas still walk around with their pants leg up
Middle-aged women look like Michael Jackson does
And you can't get a deal unless you rap about clubs
Grimey niggas givin' daps and hugs
Sayin' "that's what's up"
Then they stab you in the guts
Bums piss in a cup, give 'em a minute and DAMN!
Now they settin' up lemonade stands
Motels double as whore houses
So niggas on the block can get their rocks off
Next thing you know they're in the clinic with their socks off
Shoes off, green face
Better stay away, it's a mean place

[Danny! talking]
I'm tryin' to tell you man, stay the hell out of Columbia dog
You don't even want it
I wouldn't even risk it if I were you man
One time somebody came here from Massachusetts, just visitin'
And next thing you know this cat's on the back of a milk carton and stuff
That's some serious stuff man
I'd stay away if I were you