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Artist: Danny!
Album:  The College Kicked-Out
Song:   My Way
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Yeah I'm lukewarm now but I was cold once
The rap game won't accept me, I ain't got gold fronts
I don't cruise on dubs, I don't shoot up clubs
I don't push weight homie, I never moved drugs
But I did start from the bottom
Had a hard head, soft bottom
And now the Billboard charts got him
Ranked at number one, and thanks to everyone
Who appreciates what I'm doin' here
The beats that I make are a keepsake, like a souvenir
But I wasn't always doin' music
I was stupid and foolish
Livin' life recklessly
Like the time when the magistrate arrested me
I was writin' like, check after check every week
Couldn't help it but the money interested me
But I wised up quick, best believe that
Now I only cop a sweater if I need that, yeah
I came a long way from pickin' up chicken at Dodge's
To bein' on stage, shimmyin' next to Roger
Those were the good days, but I'm forgettin'
Some of them didn't want me in, they said that I was different
So I fell back, and I prayed about it
Couple days later, heard them boys had came around and
Now I'm onstage with a cane, shoutin' my name
Yeah, y'all know the rest
Yeah, and there are many other instances to speak about
But I ain't mention 'em on purpose, had to leave 'em out
'Cause if I told you everything that I've been through
You'd probably wanna jump up out the window
And if I told you 'bout the things that I've seen
You might scream 'til your eyes pop out like high beams
Have your ass drinkin' Visine, yeah I did it my way
Like Baskin-Robbins ice cream, Irene take it away!