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Artist: Danny!
Album:  The College Kicked-Out
Song:   My Baby
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[Chorus] - 2X
Be my, my baby (I really need you to)
Be my, my baby (let's make it me and you)
Be my, my baby (I wanna have some fun with you)
Be my, my baby (so what you wanna do)

[Verse 1]
How you doin' shorty, let me introduce myself
My name is Danny and my album debuts on the 12th
I wanna get to know you better baby
Maybe we can lock ourselves up in the studio for eight weeks
I was headed over there anyway
How 'bout you slip them seven digits and make Danny's day?
I can take you to states you've never been to
Have you on a yacht, eating steak and Mexican food travel don't intrigue you?
I can put you in a catalog, modeling for Spiegel
'Cause your face is a ten, and your body's like whoa
Let's take it to the basement and...
I ain't like them other fellas
You can even take me home with you and make your mother jealous
I can shower you with cash, did I mention
We could be 2004's Ashford & Simpson if you

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 2]
Girl you got my engines revvin'
But can I ask you a question?
Would you rather have the keys to the Hummer
Or a nice quiet night, listening to Stevie Wonder?
'Cause I prefer the latter, but girl it's up to you
And we can do what you wanna do
But if it were up to me, I'd play you a song on my rock guitar
Maybe we could even go adopt a star
So that everytime it twinkles in the sky
I'd think about the twinkle in your eye, gimme a try
Or gimme your phone number, I can be your man (oh yeah!)
I'm what you need, baby just give me a chance (oh yeah!)
(Oh yeah, all that stuff I promised in the first verse
I was just trying to impress you, I don't really have a yacht
What's that? You say you still wanna roll?
Oh for sure)

[Chorus] - 2X